The Twilight Saga

Cammy and Paul were best friends when they were little, but then Cammy moved away.

A few years later things started to change, he started to phase and started to forget Cammy, but when she moves back, Paul, almost doesn't recognize her then he imprints on her. 

Where we start is at the beach. I'll get us started once someone joins

Cammy- Me (Chaos~Crazy<3*)



Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and pick a werewolf and I will be the werewolf for you.

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Chanel just shrugged and nodded to confirm her question before laughing a little. "He sat down... with Sam of course," Sam was the pack's Alpha, "and Jared explained the best her could. Sam filled in the holes. Explained that we could just be friends." She thought about the few years after that. Chanel had gone through a few boyfriends while Jared was imprinted on her; most of them weren't nice guys.

Paul sat and thought for a few seconds. He could see how Jared didn't want to talk about it. "I'm sure you guys will think of something" He said with a sigh. He just shook his head when he made the comment about Cammy leaving before. "But you know the imprint makes it different" He muttered, glancing down the hall, wondering where the girls had gone

Cammy nodded looking at Chanel. "Paul and I just went on a walk yesterday and we sat down and he talked and I asked questions" she told her. She had only kissed one person in her life and it was at some dance after she moved away. she never had a boyfriend or even have a guy like her like Paul did.

Jared looked at Paul "I sure hope so" he said to him. "Yeah, it does make it different but she was still gone, but the imprint will make it harder, even to just be away for a few days" he said thinking of when Chanel had gone away for a few days for something. He looked down the hall "Their probably talking about girl things."

Paul just nodded. The few days that Chanel had left was hell for the rest of the pack. Jared had been more prone to lose his temper. He spent most of the day sulking around too. Paul turned his head towards the hall. He could hear their voices but not what they were saying "probably..." He turned back and sighed. He heard footsteps and knew the girls must be coming back.

Chanel nodded "sounds like a good start" she french braided her hair to the side then gave her friend a grin "you'll get used to it". She turned and walked out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen. "Hey handsome" she said, running her hand through Jared's short hair as she walked by. She sat down in front of the plate of food she had put down before leaving.

Cammy smiled at Chanel, and watched her braid her hair.She followed Chanel out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen. She smiled at Chanel and Jared, they were just good for each other. She walked over to Paul. "So when should we go to my place soon?" she asked.

Jared nodded and shook his head at the memory when Chanel was gone for a few days. He smiled towards his imprint and leaned towards her and pecked her lips. "Hey beautiful." he said then took a bite of his food.

Paul watched as Chanel sat next to Jared and wrinkled his nose the slightest bit. He wasn't a huge fan of Chanel and sometimes even her presence was enough to annoy him. He looked at Cammy, his entire attitude changing. "Right now if you want" He said with a smile, getting up and grabbing his car keys off the counter.

Chanel smiled a little, watching her friend and Paul. She finished her breakfast and put the plate and fork in the dishwasher. Because she made breakfast, it was the job of the other boys to do dishes. It was their morning routine. She glanced out the window above the sink. It was warm and sunny out. She glanced down at her pale skin. Maybe she could get a tan today? "Lets go to the water park" She said, looking at Jared

Cammy smiled and Paul. She nodded "Yeah, I need some fresh clothes" she told him, standing up. She watched him grab his car keys.She looked at Chanel and Jared "Have fun you two, see you later" she said, starting out of the kitchen and to the front door.

Jared smiled at looked at Chanel as he finished his breakfast. He put his dishes in the dish washer and smiled at Chanel. "The water park sounds amazing" he told her. "Should we get our stuff and go?" he asked her and looked at Cammy and Paul. "See you guys later"

Paul nodded, following Cammy out the door. He opened the door for her before jogging around to the drivers seat. He started the car and pulled out. He followed Cammy's directions and eventually pulled into her driveway. He hesitated for a moment when opening his door, not sure if he was invited inside or not. He bit his lip and just got out anyways, waiting for her to walk ahead of him

Chanel gave a quick wave to Cammy and Paul before looking at Jared. "Yeah we should" she jogged up the stairs and into their room. She grabbed her bikini from one of the drawers and changed into it. She threw a tshirt and some shorts over it. When Jared came in, she threw his bathing suit to him before tying her hair into a messy bun

Cammy smiled at him "Thanks" she said, getting in his car. She gave him the directions as he drove. "Come on in" she told him. She unlocked the door and looked around. "sorry about the mess. Plan on unpacking when my mom gets here" she told him. "I got my room unpacked at least" she told him and walked up stairs.

Jared smiled and followed her up stairs. He chuckled when Chanel threw his swim trunks at him. He changed into them and put a clean shirt on. He grabbed a backpack and out some towels in there and some clean clothes.


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