The Twilight Saga

      After the Helium Wars in 2012, the whole world was left in a state of chaos and destruction. In California, Battery City appeared where L.A once stood – ruled over by BL/ind, a corporation with one goal in mind: perfection. They offered protection from the radiation, hunger and emotions, all in one simple pill. But with BL/ind's takeover came the Killjoys, rebels who ran away from Battery City and set up home in the wasteland zones, where they're trying to fight back against BL/ind's monochrome vision of the future and are constantly being hunted down by BL/ind's Exterminators and Draculoids. 

Welcome to 2021. We hope you have a pleasant stay.


January 2021. It is rumored BL/ind are working on making zone one into an extension of Battery City, and already BL/ind-funded and -run resorts have been planned, including ‘Great Escapes’ which has already been fully built, the pet project of Iris Devereux, BL/ind’s head of marketing. 

It seems like BL/ind have finally hit a proper blow against the rebels. The Nuclearheads and The Smilers have found themselves without territories of their own, in uneasy alliances and finding shelter with other gangs whilst they try and repair their lives. 

All of the gangs have been hurt, though; many friends of theirs have been killed or injured, important and even vital resource stashes destroyed, their own territories invaded by follow-up BL/ind forces to rat out survivors, and their lives completely changed. No longer can they freely walk around their own zones without being completely alert to the possibility of another attack. They find themselves even more paranoid than before. 

Places familiar to many Killjoys before are no longer safe to visit, including the warehouse of Tommy’s Warez and the Scrapyard. Even Grimshaw Hospital is now out-of-bounds, which leaves injured rebels in an even worse position than before. Drac patrols have increased tenfold, and they're all out for blood. Dr. Death Defying, the well-known voice of rebel radio, has gone missing; whether he's dead, on the run or captured is unknown, but for now the radiowaves lay silent.

But the rebels aren’t completely destroyed, and they want revenge.

Okay, if you don't speak killjoy, here's some help.

Well. Now that you are informed, here's the form. 

You can be a Part of BL/ind or a Killjoy.

Character Name Killjoy Name-





How they joined the Killjoys-

Raygun looks like-



Some Charaters we must have. I know the ages aren't right, but they have to be under 20!  They are:

Gerard Way Party Poison

Age- 17


Frank Iero Fun Ghoul


P/B- Me!

Mikey Way Kobra Kid

Age- 15


Ray Toro Jet Star

Age- 20


Rules- One Boy One Girl. And you have to be under 20 years. That's it!


Kenzie Bryn Angel Dancer


Extremely shy, but once you get to know her, she is very fun, bubbly, and protective. She is hurt (feelings wise) easily though. Since her last boyfriend turned out to work for BL/ind, she can't trust easily. She is still recovering from the heartbreak. Until she moves on from her last boyfriend, Matt, she will do anything to fill the void he left. Even if it's against her better judgement. She, at this point, is slightly suicidal.

Party Poison(Gerard)

Previous Boyfriend turned her in, but she escaped.

 Turquoise Raygun.

Her eyes change to reflect her mood. She has tried to kill herself 3 times before joining up with the killjoys, and has separation anxiety, she freaks out if she's alone. But she is a good fighter, as well as a cook!

P/B- Me!

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You named the RP after NA NA NA by MCR? Because I LOVE THAT FREAKING SONG! 

ME TOO! They are my fave band!!!

dgdasfgasghf I'll join, but it has to be tomorrow, and also, I'll help you spreading the word. It's 12:42 A.M here and my mom is yelling in my ear so...

He's my husband. OMG I love him. :)


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