The Twilight Saga

During the Volturi Confrontation Rosalie and Emmett brought 3 witnesses to prove that Renesmee is not a threat. A young woman name Alice Brandon who could see the future,her husband Jasper Whitlock a former member of the newborn army with the ability to feel emotions and change anyone's emotions and there daughter Mary Rose Whitlock a half human half vampire hybrid who shows anyone the past and future by touching there cheek with her hand and makes anyone feel what she feels. After seeing the Cullens were innocent and the Volturi flee. Alice,Jasper and Mary were offered by Carlise to join the Cullen coven and the 3 of them accept. Seth a member of Jacob's pack imprint on Mary who when she saw him as a wolf and human had a crush on him.

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The Cullen clan









The Brandon/Whitlock clan



Alice-Alice Cullen


The Back Pack





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anyone wanna join?

i wanna join can i be Alice?


thanks so much Roman

np should we start or wait?

start and people can join in later on


Mary was in her bedroom reading her book while listening to her music on her iphone. She continue to read as she look out the window seeing the white blanket snow.

I come into her bedroom says "what are you doing sweetheart?" i ask her as i sit on the bed and smile at her

I took off my headphones and look at my mother Alice. "Just a book." I said as I got close to her. "Why do I feel different?" I asked my mother.

"In what way do you feel different?" I said as I hug and comfort you

"Like i'm different from humans and vampires. Like a something that wasn't suppose to exist." I said as snuggled on mother.

Now don't say that, you are Different but that doesnt mean that you arent special it just that you have the blood of both and you are special and loved by me. you are different doesnt mean to say that you shouldnt exist you see mary if everyone was the same the world would be a boring place to live in.
You are different, special and unique but loved .
It doesnt matter what anyone else all that matters is what you think of yourself .You should embrace who you are I said staring at her red eyes


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