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Cammy is used to being the new girl in town. Always moving every few months. But now she moves to La Push. She really doesn't make many friends because she doesn't like to get attached to people. But one day she is walking the beach and meets Paul, who imprints on her. He doesn't tell her right away.



Cammy mainly keeps to her self. She doesn't like to make friends. She is small for her age, Shes been to 6 different schools in the last 3 years. So she doesn't stay long enough to have any good relationships with friends or any one. She has been bullied for being new and no being like the other girls and she is hard on herself about everything she does. She does wear glasses but her prefers her contacts.

Pauls imprint

Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and i will make that girls werewolf for you. So We can keep it Guy-Girl. Because everyone is a guy and a girl. But really, Who ever is Paul, i will make a guy for your girl. and as soon as someone is Paul, the sooner we can start.  keep the rp in the lines of TTS.

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I'll be Sam, And if your Paul we can start.

Are you on? Are you going to play Paul so we can start?

Sorry,! I got caught up in Twisted on Abc Family.

Are Sam and Avila together or not yet?

Cammy walked out of her house with a small bag in her hand, just her actual glasses in-case anything happened to her contacts. Cammy normally didnt like to make friends but she had met Avila and they were close expect the fact that her new friend was a few years older than her. She waited to see Avila coming.

Sam sat at the beach with his pack, since it was a nicer day in La Push. He knew most the pack had imprinted and he had too, but he hadn't told her yet because he didn't know how to tell her. He looked around and grinned, he was glad his pack was happy but he knew they didn't like so much patrolling.

Cammy smiled and walked around to the other side of the truck and got in. "Are they gonna like me?" she asked. She wasn't used to meeting new people.

Sam looked at him and smiled a little "Avilas coming?" he asked, not breaking his smile. Avila is his imprint and he loved every second he got to spend with her.

Cammy nodded and smiled. "I sure hope so, I never make friends any where so i hope i can have some" she told her as they drove. "Whats Seth like?" she asked, blushing.

Sam looked towards Seth "I'm going to tell her soon enough, and what about you? Have you imprinted?" he asked him

Cammy smiled. "He sounds really nice" she said. She looked and saw the beach. She looked at her friend "I've never been to the beach before" she told her.

( Are you gonna go with Seth or Paul for Cammys imprint? I'd be fine with either)

Sam patted his back "Its okay, i'm sure you will someday" he told him and smiled. "It just takes longer for some"

Cammy looked at her. "No i've always lived in cities, never around beaches or oceans" she told her. When Avila parked the truck, Cammy got out and looked at the beach, then she saw people and her stomach started to knot.

Sam chuckled "Yeah just wait until you guys do!" he said back then smiled "Hey Avila" he smiled towards her.

Cammy looked at her and laughed. They walked towards the group of guys and smiled. "Nice to meet you all" she said, almost whispering. She looked up slowly and saw the one named Paul. She smiled towards him 

Sam looked at Avila and smiled "Hey there" he said to her (Are they together yet or ??) "Nice to meet you Cammy" he said to her and walked to Avila "Seth told me you were coming"

Sam chuckled. "We've been here for a few hours" he told her. "We are about to start making some hot-dogs, hamburgers, and chicken, wanna help?" he offered, since he was a good cook.

Cammy smiled at him. "Uhm, almost a week now" she told him "Have you lived here along time?" she asked back. She looked at her feet.

Sam nodded "Of course" he laughed. Then  raised his eyebrows "Well we are boys" he chuckled. "Avila can i talk to in a more private place?"

Cammy smiled "You get that choice, to stay here, i won't have that choice" she whispered knowing she would just move again in 6 months and never see these people again.

((Can I join :) ?))

I'm so sorry!


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