The Twilight Saga

Cammy is used to being the new girl in town. Always moving every few months. But now she moves to La Push. She really doesn't make many friends because she doesn't like to get attached to people. But one day she is walking the beach and meets Paul, who imprints on her. He doesn't tell her right away.



Cammy mainly keeps to her self. She doesn't like to make friends. She is small for her age, Shes been to 6 different schools in the last 3 years. So she doesn't stay long enough to have any good relationships with friends or any one. She has been bullied for being new and no being like the other girls and she is hard on herself about everything she does. She does wear glasses but her prefers her contacts.

Pauls imprint

Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and i will make that girls werewolf for you. So We can keep it Guy-Girl. Because everyone is a guy and a girl. But really, Who ever is Paul, i will make a guy for your girl. and as soon as someone is Paul, the sooner we can start.  keep the rp in the lines of TTS.

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((what kind of drama did you have in mind?))

(Not really sure, maybe Ninas dad could come back and tell her hes getting married or something?)

((Good idea. I'll take it to lunch now))

((I mean school. I'll take it to school))

A few weeks later, Jared had wormed his way back into Nina's life, as well as Paul and the rest of the Pack. They hung out at school together and often did things outside of school together as well. On this particular day, though, Melanie, Seth, Jared and the rest were laughing and talking at the regular lunch table but Nina had yet to show up. Seth sat with his arm around Melanie, telling a funny story about how he tried to go adopt a cat and it hissed at him till he left.

"So then I told the lady maybe a dog, but I just couldn't choose one so I left without one," he concluded, slipping Melanie a kiss on the cheek. 


Nina slammed her locker shut. She had successfully avoided everyone for the day and had gotten away with just a quick "Hi" text to Jared in the morning. She was not in the mood to be near anyone at the moment. She sought refuge in the theatre, like she usually did when she didn't want to interact with anyone. She hadn't spent lunch there since Jared had told her about him being a wolf and reentered her life. She nodded to the teacher before taking a seat in the center of the stage and taking the dreaded envelope out of her backpack. She ripped it open slowly, slipping the paper out. With a deep breath she gazed at the words on the paper.

You are cordially invited to Wedding of Simon Walters and Lorraine Little. 

Please join us on the 8th of June, 2014 at St. Andrew's Cathedral.

RSVP to Mr. Walters Senior by replying to this letter. 

"WHAT?!" Nina shouted, standing up off the ground, throwing the letter to the ground. When the words sunk in, she fell to the ground, pulling her knees into her chest and tucking her head into them. 

Jared had gotten his trust back into Nina. He was glad they were continuing to get closer. He watched Melanie and Seth sit at their usual table and talk. He had only gotten one text from Nina today. "Hey love birds be good" he told them "I'm gonna go find Nina, shes been distant today" he told them. He started to walk into the theatre. He saw her finally her "Nina!" he yelled to her and ran up and pulled her into his arms "whats wrong?"

Melanie blushed at Seth "You should really get a shelter dog, they need new loving homes" she said, since she did spend a lot of time there. she nodded at Jared "Let me know when you find her" she told him and then looked at Seth

Hey do you guys have room for another person? although i dont know who would be her imprint and who would play her

Im about to make another rp f you want to join that one?

What would it be about?

Well the story line above because the orginal person that was for this rp kind of ditched so now its a different story line.. Its pretty much a new girl comes to La Push, gets imprinted on but normally doesn't stay around long because of her families job. I never got very on it. It would my my character as the new girl, hopefully you as Paul then you could make a girl and i could be a wolf for her.


Seth smiled at Melanie. "Maybe we should make a trip there this Saturday. Would you want to help me pick one out? My mom would have to come since I can't adopt an animal all by myself. She's all on board with it though," he grinned.

Nina felt herself suddenly enveloped in a strong pair of abnormally warm arms. She wasn't crying. No. She was angry beyond belief. She wiggled out of his hold and stood, fuming. "Can you believe him?! HOW could he do this to us? To me?! He just leaves without a word and then a year later I just get this FREAKING invitation! No explanation," she shouted, crumpling the invitation and throwing it across the stage. "Why wasn't I good enough?" she demanded in a quieter tone.


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