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Cammy is used to being the new girl in town. Always moving every few months. But now she moves to La Push. She really doesn't make many friends because she doesn't like to get attached to people. But one day she is walking the beach and meets Paul, who imprints on her. He doesn't tell her right away.



Cammy mainly keeps to her self. She doesn't like to make friends. She is small for her age, Shes been to 6 different schools in the last 3 years. So she doesn't stay long enough to have any good relationships with friends or any one. She has been bullied for being new and no being like the other girls and she is hard on herself about everything she does.

Pauls imprint

Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and I will be a werewolf for you.

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Please join.

Please join

I'll be Paul and this is my girl

Name: Dani (Real name is Danielle)


Personality: She is half Quileute, most of her young life she used to live outside of La Push, she finished university and now she have return back to La Push to open her own coffee shop like she always wanted to. She is quiet cold when she is around new people but that's only a mask underneath her cold appaerance she is funny, shy, reserved, warm-hearted.

Crush: Embry Call

P/B: Dani*DeeDee*


Sorry i didnt see your reply until now. Ill get us started.

Cammy walked to the beach to meet her friend Dani. Dani was older than her but they didn't let it effect their friendship. She walked down to first beach and smiled as she walked. She knew she would just move again in six months. She got there and smiled at her friend "Hope you didn't wait to long" she said, playing with her red hair. She noticed some guys yelling and some playing soccer and some sitting with girls "Who are they?" she asked, pointing towards the group.

Embry sat with Paul and a few other guys without imprints while everyone else did something. He was a werewolf and more than anything wanted to imprint on some nice girl. He was sitting around the beach and watched his friends.


I was walking down the beach with Cammy, knowing that she wants to sped time on the beach on this spring beautiful day. We have been friends year ago, even though I was older than her I didn't let it to come between us, I smiled at her words,"No, of course not. I didn't." I noticed some guys as well and I recognised them as Sam's gang, the ones that my parents told me about, whenveer my dad mentions them some dark shadow crosses across his face. I looked at them and said,"It's a Sam's gang...But I don;t think they are really bad."


I sat on a long log of a tree bench not far from the entrance on La Push beach with other guys without imprints since we all had day off from patroling. I was happy that I haven't imprinted, I hated obligation, and been stuck. That;s why I hated imprinting, even if I imprint eventually I'll ignore it, I won;t allow myself to be whipped like Sam and Jared. Until he didn't turned around and poked Embry,"Think it;s our lucky day, we will met some n..." I stopped talking when I see an angel in front of me with a red hair, and beautiful pair of eyes, my whole world was wrapped around her, if I could I couldn't escape from her, I couldn't ignore this...She was mine and mine only. Realization hits me at once: I imprinted...

Cammy walked with Dani down the beach "I haven't seen them around much" she commented and looked at them and studied their faces and waved at one of the guys who caught her eye. She looked down at her feet "Do you know them?" she asked her friend.

Embry looked at Paul when he poked him. He looked to where Paul was looking when he stopped talking so quick, He saw a girl named Dani, he knew from high school. He looked at Dani and smiled. His world just stopped as he saw her. He just couldnt take his eyes off of her. He knew he had just imprinted.

Dani:: My heart jumped slightly when Embry looked at me, I stood there unable to move, he looked at me like I am something beautiful to him, in that moment when he smiled I smiled back I blinked confused as I responded,"Y-yeah...Umm...Embry, he goes into my school, not that huge one but...nice toned one." I blushed even deeper as I sighed heavily.

Paul:: I gulped as I tried to think what am supposed to do, what am I supposed to say. I can't bear with this, I must go and be alone for awhile. I can't do this. I heard what Dani said and looked at Embry,"She thinks you're nice tonned muscled. You better get her, choir boy." I said to him when I made my way towards the forest, with one last look at a girl I walked backwards. I stopped abruptly and looked at her.

Embry looked towards Dani and got up and walked towards her. "Hey Dani, how are you?" he asked, then looked at Paul, he was freaking out, although, Embry was glad to imprint, he looked at her "D-do you have p-plans right now?" he asked.

Cammy watched the other guy start towards the forest "Hi" she squeaked, noticing he was leaving, she looked him in the eyes, she had never really been around a lot of guys or a boyfriend, so she understood why he was leaving. She started to play with her red hair 

Dani:: I smiled softly at him, I couldn't help but noticed his sudden shy-stammered question and I couldn't help but find it so cute."Nothing in particular...I am not sure formy friend but I hope your friend will take care of her." I said to him with a smile."We are on same year, right?" I asked.

Paul:: I stopped immmediately as soon as she spoke my name, her voice was beautiful, like bells, I could get used to hear it every day of my life. Her was driving me insane. Could I ignore this for too long? I don;t know, but I couldn't risk her to be hurt, Just look at Emily and Sam, even though he loved Emily, he hurt her because she was too close to him. And if I hurt my angel I couldn't leave with that fact. I can't...I must save her from me. I'll just try and be friend with her than, no biggy. I turned around and smiled a little."Hey...Umm...I'm sorry for my manners...I'm Paul." I told her, offering her my hand to shake.

Embry smiled towards her  "Yeah we are, I've seen you around" he told her. He looked at her, she was beautiful and she had great smile "Do you want to do something?" he asked "Yeah, your friend should be fine with Paul" he told her.

Cammy played with her hair and looked at him, he was good looking and really tall. "I'm Cameron, but everyone calls me Cammy" she told him and shook his hand "You're really warm" she commented

Paul:: I smiled softly,"Nice to meet you as well, Cammy." I spoked as she clasped her hand around mine, her hand was slightly colder and I titled my head aside, as soon as my hand made contact with hers, I felt electrical jolts ran through me, it was the most intense feeling I ever felt before, it felt so intense and yet it felt so right.

Dani:; I smiled softly at him, as I slowly leaned in to him,"Anything you want, please choose." I said to him with pleading eyes, on so many occasions I caught him starring at me back on school yard on P.E.

Embry looked at Dani, "I was about to go get some food, care to join me?" he asked then looked at Paul for a moment. He smiled gently at Dani.

Cammy nodded "Nice to meet you too Paul" she said, quietly. She looked at him and smiled a little, her eyes meeting his.


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