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Cammy is used to being the new girl in town. Always moving every few months. But now she moves to La Push. She really doesn't make many friends because she doesn't like to get attached to people. But one day she is walking the beach and meets Paul, who imprints on her. He doesn't tell her right away.



Cammy mainly keeps to her self. She doesn't like to make friends. She is small for her age, Shes been to 6 different schools in the last 3 years. So she doesn't stay long enough to have any good relationships with friends or any one. She has been bullied for being new and no being like the other girls and she is hard on herself about everything she does.

Pauls imprint

Whoever plays Paul, make a girl and I will be a werewolf for you.

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Dani smiled softly at him as she leaned in to kiss him on his cheek, she pulled back and smiled at him softly, she touched his warm hand and looked at their fingers clasping around each other. She smiled a little and whispered,"So if I...were would be my personal blanket?" She asked blushing bright pink.

"Yes ever since I was born. I live with my dad but he is usually on his work so...I don't think we will see him." Paul spoke quietly to her as he took deep breath. They stopped in front of his house and opened the small gate, he walked towards the house and unlocked the door opening them for her."Ladies first." He said.

Embry smiled at her and looked at their hands as they walked. "Yeah something like that" he laughed. "The heat comes in handy around this place" he told her.

Cammy nodded "I haven't been here long and I probably won't be around much longer" she whispered and walked into his house. "My dads work makes us move a lot" she told him

Dani smiled at him softly, warmth of his hand relaxed her completely as she whispered,"Yes. True." She bit her lip looking down than whispered."So...why you never approached me before?" She asked him with a small smile.

Paul's heart clenched rapidly in his heart as he sighed taking small breaths. He instantly grabbed her hand and said,"Stay...Don't go.." He whispered to her.

Embry chuckled and looked at her "I never had the guts to come up and talk to such a beautiful person like yourself" he said and looked at her, smiling.

Cammy looked at him "I'm not moving for a while" she said, looking down "I'm just saying I know it will happen" she whispered then looked at their hands

Dani was taken aback by his words, she didn't know what to say on them, she wat he'd him for a few minutes before she pressed her longing lips on his for a bit before she kissed him tenderly.

Paul kept her hand into his hand, he has to tell her. He has to. He can't just keep the secret from her. She was his imprint his heart slowly accepted her."I need to talk to you about something, Cammy. Please seat will I get something for eat." He smiled.

Embry looked at her and smiled. He kissed her back and smiled when she kissed him. He smiled and looked at her "Will you be my girlfriend ?" he asked, looking at her.

Cammy looked at their hands "About what Paul?" she asked and sat down. "I think food can wait" she told him. Now that he had her worried.

Dani pulled away from him to catch her breath, she looked at him softly when he asked her that question, she smiled widely at him so she nodded with a smile."Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend." She grinned at him.

" Do you know legend about Quileuet people phasing into the wolves?" He asked her holding her hand not letting her go.

Embry pecked her lips quickly and hugged her. He spun her around and held onto her. He looked at her and smiled.

Cammy looked at him "No, I'm new remember?" she laughed "I've never heard anything about that"

Dani was spooned around frantically she held herself tightly onto him and squeeled,"Em, we are in coffee shop!" She said giggling, hiding her head into his neck.

Paul took deep breath and slowly started telling her legends of treaty, wolves and finally imprinting where he stopped for awhile to look at her."These legends are...true and I have a proff." He whispered.

Embry chuckled and held onto her "So? I want the world to know that the most beautiful person in the world is my girlfriend" he told her.

Cammy listened to him and looked at him. She was so confused and didn't know what to think of any of this "How? is this possible?" 

Danielle smiled widely at him, as she held herself tightly onto him, looking into his brown eyes."Showing me off, huh?" She asked, pocking him gently in ribs. "Well, that's at least good option than shouting it out loud...than I'll be really embarassed." She said with a giggle.

Paul sat in front of her on the floor he never took his hands out of her grasp, he bit his bottom lip and looked at her."Vampire fever, I would call it. Whenever vampires are around our land...the blood in us started to warm up, than slowly started to boil....and than new wolves are coming up." He sighed." a worst curse that can happen to one human being..I wish I wasn't...a monster. Back at the beach...the reason why I tried to run away from you is to protect you...I didn;t want to hurt you accidently, mean a lot to me...and I was scared..." He admit it.

Embry smiled and held onto her smiling. He kissed her forehead. "I could always do that too" he chuckled. He was joking but he really would do it.

Cammy looked at him. Unsure of her feelings but sure of one thing, he would never hurt her "I don't think you would hurt me" she said honestly.


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