The Twilight Saga

when edward left bella and jacob .... yeah we all know that now the new story--

when edward left bella he didn't knew that she was pregnant . after he was gone Jacob and a new vampire helped bella in giving birth to Renesmee the new vampire (Steven Parker) is aleready in love with bella and bella is confused when edward returns knowing the truth Bella refuses him

Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee and Edward is trying to win Bella is confused but is trying to show Edward she has forgotten him Steven is also trying to win Bella and Jacob the happiest person to c edward unhappy



                                                                     Steven Parker

                                                                  Jacob Black

                                                                   Renesmee Cullen

                                                                and you can add any twilight character example - carlisle or charlie any 1 that's choice

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Why not use the Renesmee gifs in Breaking Dawn 2?

i used but it was not working so i replaced it

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Do you know how old Renesmee is in the rp because I could help find a gif for you.

yes please tell others to join


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