The Twilight Saga

Jada this is another version of memories fading away.

The quiet town of Forks has become a place of terror, and despair but even with some people who have yet to prove themselves the Love, and Beauty in other peoples hearts will light the way through the darkness that now surrounds forks. when this story left off Jacob  was now trying to gain Courtney back he was even ready to beat up Alex to claim her for his own, he is still trying to prove himself to her once again and get her to like him and leave Alex behind like an old movie that you have seen to many times.  

Noah and Ambreh became mortal from the orbs the Constantine had given them, and they are now trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered memories and are trying to patch things up with the ones they love. 

Josh got a startling surprise when andi told him that she would have to leave him. Andi has yet to tell Josh about how she feels about him.

Tanner and Ember have become part of the pack and tanner finally got out of the hospital and is now living with Ember, Sam, and Emily.

this role play is closed since i once let people join the original and only jada stuck around.

My Characters-





Jada's characters-





Twilight Relations_ The setting is in forks and the pack is a main factor to the role play.

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Courtney~ I smiled "Yeah. There was always something about the sound of the water hitting the rocks that made it oddly inviting."

Jake_" Agreed." I smiled.

Courtney~ I felt at home here. Everything seemed to normal. I put my head on Jake's shoulder without thinking. It was just a normal thing to do.

Jake_ I smiled, I wanted to put my arm around her but it felt like that would be awkward.

Courtney~ Things actually seemed to being getting closer to normal than I thought they would. It felt nice sitting with him. He was so warm, like always. He smelt of the forest. It reminded my of our childhood since we spent so much of our time there when we were kids. Things were so much easier then.

Jake_ The wind started to blow and Courtney shivered, I took off my jacket and put it around her.

Alex_ I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling, I had not seen or talked to courtney in a few days now. It seemed like forever.

Andi_ I had gotten worse, if that was physically possible,

Courtney~ I smiled. Jake always did things like that.
Josh~ I was so worried about Andi. I came to visit her every day.

Andi_ I hated that Josh had to see me like this. I was happy that he cared about me but only because I was ill. this time a nurse pulled him outside.

Nurse_ " Josh. There is no good way to put this, your friend, she has this really rare disease, there is only a very slim chance of her surviving it." I said.

Josh~ "What? How long do you think she'll have?"

Nurse_ " There is no true estimation, she is a strong girl but her body is slowly dying, I will give her, a month at most and couple weeks at least." I said," I'm sorry."

Josh~ "You've done all you can. There is no need to be sorry." I couldn't believe that I was going to lose Andi.

Nurse_ I nodded and walked down the hallway.

Liam_ I had heard that my sister was in the hospital. I was running fown the halls, I saw josh and ran up to him," What happened? Hows Andi?" I said out of breath.


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