The Twilight Saga

Jada this is another version of memories fading away.

The quiet town of Forks has become a place of terror, and despair but even with some people who have yet to prove themselves the Love, and Beauty in other peoples hearts will light the way through the darkness that now surrounds forks. when this story left off Jacob  was now trying to gain Courtney back he was even ready to beat up Alex to claim her for his own, he is still trying to prove himself to her once again and get her to like him and leave Alex behind like an old movie that you have seen to many times.  

Noah and Ambreh became mortal from the orbs the Constantine had given them, and they are now trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered memories and are trying to patch things up with the ones they love. 

Josh got a startling surprise when andi told him that she would have to leave him. Andi has yet to tell Josh about how she feels about him.

Tanner and Ember have become part of the pack and tanner finally got out of the hospital and is now living with Ember, Sam, and Emily.

this role play is closed since i once let people join the original and only jada stuck around.

My Characters-





Jada's characters-





Twilight Relations_ The setting is in forks and the pack is a main factor to the role play.

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Deyanira~ "I'm dying, and so is Courtney. She dies, I die."

Courtney~ I opened my eyes and I was in heaven. I recognized it from when Alex brought me here. There wasn't much else that I expected after doing what I had done. It had just now dawned on me that my family would be losing someone else. What had I done? I just caused my family and those I cared about great grief, and I didn't even think twice about it.

Jake- The doppelganger dropped dead, oh god, Courtney.. I fought to get out of the chair i was tied to and eventually did.

Alex- The nurse told me that she died, I ran out of the hospital, the one girl that I had loved more than anything was gone. I ran all the way back to my house, I was having a breakdown when I got back, I called Andi, I needed a friend now.

Andi- I was sound Asleep, when I heard my phone going off, I groaned and got up and answered it. Alex was hysterical, he kept repeating she's dead, she's dead, oh my god she's gone." Alex calm down, who's gone?"

Alex- " Courtney, S-she's dead."

Courtney~ What do I do now? Do I try and become an angel or just live out the rest of eternity up here? I sat down and pulled my knees to my chest. I let out a heavy sigh.

Josh~ "What's going on?" I asked groggily. Andi was on the phone and she looked upset.

Constantine- I was walking up in heaven and I saw Courtney uh-oh this isn't good." Courtney?" I said as I ran up to her, I was actually quite angry at her, that move she made was foolish, even if she thought it was heroic.

Andi- " What do you mean she's dead?"

Alex- " I MEAN SHE'S DEAD!!!" I screamed, I was sobbing and breathing is short bursts.

Andi- " Alex breathe, im coming to get you okay?"

Alex- I just hung up, I threw my phone across the room, i pulled my legs to my chest, folded my arms tightly around them and sobbed into my knees, I was her guardian angel, my one job was to protect her and I have failed her.

Andi- I grabbed my jacket and put it on, I looked at Josh who had been awake since I said I was going to get Alex. " J-josh..." I began with a shaky voice, " C-courtney's dead." 

Courtney~ "Hey." I said hoarsely. "Don't start with all the I can't believe you did that or that was so stupid. I already regret it, okay? I followed my first instinct."
Josh~ I shot up instantly. "What? H-how?"

Constantine- " Alright." I said and I sat next to her," Well that saves me alot of yelling." I said trying to lighten things up." Do have a plan, like are you going to become an angel and come back or are you just going to stay here?" I asked.

Andi- " Alex didn't say, Josh he is losing his mind, I have to go get him before he does something reckless or hurts himself." I said and I walked quickly out of the room, Josh had followed me.

Courtney~ "I'm not sure, but are you saying that there is a way for me to go back? My body failed, I don't see how that is possible."
Josh~ "Then I'll come with you. I can help, right?"

Constantine- " your body did fail, but so did mine and im still here very much human, the only people that see you are the people that you want to. Andi if you give up your wings like Alex and Andi you practically become human once again." I said

Andi- I wasn't about to argue, he had no idea what he might see. Alex is very stable and strong but he breaks down, and when he does the sight is horrible.

Courtney~ "Aren't you an angel? You have powers like one."
Josh~ We headed over to Alex's. I hoped he was okay.

Constantine- " Everyone who dies becomes an angel, it depends on what type you are, Guardian or otherwise called warrior angels, im one of them, then there is the typical good will angels, they watch over people, and then there are the fallen angels, angels that give up there wings and walk among the living again."

Alex- I had a handful of pills in my hand, I had failed the girl I loved. It all my fault I should have gotten there sooner, I shouldn't have run off when I saw her with what I thought I jake. I locked the bathroom door, and counted to three, then popped all of the pills in my mouth and swallowed. 

Andi- Once we got there, I couldn't find Alex, I know he was there. I could feel it. I suddenly heard coughing, I ran down the hallway leading to the bathroom, it was locked," Alex open the door." I demanded.

Alex- I started to stumble, I couldn't see straight everything was so blurry, I heard Andi and then I fell to my knees.

Courtney~ "What happens if I become an angel? You don't get to choose what kind of angel you are, do you?"
Josh~ "Andi, call 911." I searched for anything that would help me break down the door.

Constantine- " It depends on you what type a person you were, some choose to be a guardian to protect the ones the love and only them and then they simply give up their wings to walk among them again."

Andi- I pulled out my phone and called an ambulance, I could hear Josh throwing himself at the door, trying to break it down. I heard sirens blaring within minutes. I ran a hand through my hair. I couldn't believe it came to this we lost Courtney and now we might lose Alex as well.


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