The Twilight Saga

Jada this is another version of memories fading away.

The quiet town of Forks has become a place of terror, and despair but even with some people who have yet to prove themselves the Love, and Beauty in other peoples hearts will light the way through the darkness that now surrounds forks. when this story left off Jacob  was now trying to gain Courtney back he was even ready to beat up Alex to claim her for his own, he is still trying to prove himself to her once again and get her to like him and leave Alex behind like an old movie that you have seen to many times.  

Noah and Ambreh became mortal from the orbs the Constantine had given them, and they are now trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered memories and are trying to patch things up with the ones they love. 

Josh got a startling surprise when andi told him that she would have to leave him. Andi has yet to tell Josh about how she feels about him.

Tanner and Ember have become part of the pack and tanner finally got out of the hospital and is now living with Ember, Sam, and Emily.

this role play is closed since i once let people join the original and only jada stuck around.

My Characters-





Jada's characters-





Twilight Relations_ The setting is in forks and the pack is a main factor to the role play.

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Courtney~ "I don't exactly understand, but no, you don't sound insane." I sat down on his hospital bed beside him. "You do realize that the only reason I yell is because I care, right? It's obvious that we both do stupid things. I just don't want you to ever feel like you failed me. There is no way you could ever fail me. You do know that I love you, right? In the short time that we've known each other, you've always been there for me and I hope I've always been there for you."

Alex- " you have always been there for me, and sometimes I wish you weren't you always worry about me but I am always worried about you. " I said with a sigh and then i layed back.

Courtney~ I shrugged. "That's what I do. I grew up around werewolves and vampires. I grew up protecting people and now I'm an angel. It's time to let someone be your guardian. You're the one that needs it."
Alex- I chuckled, " you're forgetting i am also a wingless angel." I sighed and said," Plus I have the Elysian curse on me, I can't get killed by anything or anyone, well anyone besides myself." I said, I was happy that Courtney was here with me but I just wanted to get out of this place.
Courtney~ "That is, until it runs out. It's bound to fade. You told me that you became mortal." I didn't like being lied to or not told something. Ever since I woke up in heaven, I have been noticing inconsistencies, but maybe I was just being paranoid.
Alex- " Believe me I thought I was, but after I could control Austin enough to not be able to get away I wasn't so sure anymore, I honestly don't know what I am right now a wingless angel or something else." I explain, I didn't want her to think that I lied to her because i have never and will never lie to her for as long as I live. The moment she stabbed herself and afterwards replayed in my mind and I remember how she almost joked about me trying to hide myself from her.
Courtney~ "Things are never that simple. Why can things never be simple?" I didn't expect him to answer. I was more-or-less, talking to myself.
Alex- I shrugged, I didn't want her to leave but I knew she had to do something, " uh Courtney you might want to go see your family, after what happened with Austin's shadow clones I think they would believe anything." I explained,I love Courtney but there is always so much risks that she will get hurt and I will sooner die before I let another person harm her, I know she wants to protect me but I don't need to be protected before I met everyone I could take care of myself and I still can fight as well as I used to.
Courtney~ "Yeah, I should. You take care of yourself. Do not leave this hospital until the doctors say that you can. They are the professionals and they know what's best." I kissed him on the forehead and left.
Alex, I had rolled my eyes when he left the room, I can take care of myself just not when I am in a very bad state of mind. I believed that the love of my life was gone and I wanted to die as well, simple or not as that.
Andi- we stuck around the hospital for a while just to be sure that Alex was okay. We left and went home, I hoped that this would be the end of everything but I knew it wasn't I know Austin isn't finished with Courtney and I or any of us, he is sick and will never stop until he is satisfied. We have to just be careful for now on.
Courtney~ I went home and explained everything to my family.
Josh~ Andi and I didn't talk until we got home. "You look worried. Are you okay?"
Andi- I looked at josh and said," I'm fine but I'm scared still I know this isn't the end of everything Courtney and I are no longer of use to Austin, but he is wicked and horrible he won't give up until we're dead." I said, josh knew how strong and smart I am but he also has come to know how fearful I am. He knows everything about me, my strengths and my weaknesses.


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