The Twilight Saga

One Mission. 8 Girls.8 Guys. A group of kidnapping terrorists. And the fight of their lives.
There's only one way in and it involves the deadliest mission they will ever encounter.

Co-written by Sammi

One school, Woodland, located in a very heavily forested area just outside of Forks, Washington is not like any other school. All the outsiders think its because its for stuck up filthy rich kids, but its not. Its a secret school for Supernatural Beings training to be spies.

In this school depending on the species they have certain classes for their certain powers and certain training sessions where they learn to use their powers.
The units of this RP is with only four species, shapeshifters ( Animal kind not supernatural kind ), werewolves, witches/wizards, and vampires.

The Mission

There's a terrorist group that goes by the name of Clave and what these terrorists are doing is capturing ( kidnapping ) innocent teenagers, boys and girls and forcing them to be assassins, and kill important people like Presidents, royalties, secretaries, senators, etc.
What the recruits will be doing is the recruits will be put into Clave by being captured and work from the inside. They will earn the trust of the terrorists and bring them down from the inside. The recruits will all be captured at different times in one week, and when they bring down Clave they will be promoted to full agents.

When this is over I will create a sequel RP.

You must create a boy and a girl. No exceptions.
Follow the plot
Do not crush on yourself.
In Character drama is loved.
Ages are from Sixteen to Twenty Two for recruits. Late twenties to mid thirties for teachers and terrorists.
You must reply with Two lines or more almost always.
Proper spelling and grammar required
Do not God Mode. Meaning do not make others do things without their consent.
No perfect characters, make some flaws for them
16 MAINS, ONLY. 4 Characters per species, 2 girls 2 guys each specie.
Double Pics accepted, but two max, and if wolf, you will need a wolf picture or gif.
Love triangles are ABSOLUTELY LOVED!
Have fun!
Post ' Find the Sunshine ' if you read everything.

Shape-Shifters - 1 Girl(OPEN)
Witches/Wizards - 1 Guy (OPEN)
Werewolves - All Closed
Vampires - All Closed

Also all recruits have to have a strange past that brought them to the agency.

There are still spots open for TEACHERS and CLAVE MEMBERS

Wolf Gif(If wolf)
Name || Age(16 - 22)/Real age(If applied) || Species || Special Powers (If applied) || Crush || Face Claim || Played By:
Short Bio

Name || Age(25 - 34) || Species || Teaching Subject(Hand to Hand Combat Training, Power Training) || Extra || Played By:

Name || Age(25 - 45) || Role in Group || Played By:



Dakota Nikstina || Nineteen / Twenty Eight || Wizard || - - || He kind of likes Ari || Colton Haynes || Played By: Sage (sail.)
When Dakota was eight years old his parents died in a horrible car accident, and he was taken into custody of his Uncle, Morris, his Uncle knew that something caused the car crash, making it look like an accident but it really wasn't. It was a murder. Morris being part of Division as a top agent decided he would put Dakota into the agency and sent him to Woodland.


Rae Barnes || Eighteen || Werewolf || - - || To Be Announced || Crystal Reed || Played By: Sage (sail.)
She grew up in a broken home, her mother dying from cancer and her father dying from drunk driving. She was sent to foster care, when she ran away she ran into a man named Neal, he took her in as his own daughter and taught her to fight, when he found out about her being a wolf he sent her to Woodland.


Willow Verns || 18/160 || Vampire || When she gets angry, she turns into a monster. Kind of like the Hulk. Incredibly strong and violent, won't remember a thing after turning back || IDK yet || no idea || Played By: DWAH
Willow's powers were given to her when she was caught in the middle of a lab accident. The government found out about her power and recruited her. She prides herself on meditating and keeping a level head because won't like her when she's angry.


Jason Brooks || 18/94 || Shapeshifter || IDK yet || Dylan O'Brien || Played By: DWAH
Jason's family was murdered and his only family left was his uncle. His uncle was a top agent until he died on the job. Jason wanted to carry on the family legacy so he joined Woodland. A lot of people think Jason is too sweet to do this kind of job but he can surprise a lot of people


Ryann Taylor || Seventeen || Shapeshifter(Fox) || None || Likes Jason || Holland Roden || Ellie
Ryann lost both her parents 5 years ago, in a car accident, a year prior to her starting to phase. She eventually moved to forks, to stay with her aunt and uncle. She has has been turning into a fox, since she was 13 years old. For 4 years, she's kept it hidden from her aunt and uncle. Just 4 months prior, she told them, and they sent her to woodland.


Aiden Carter || Eighteen || Werewolf || Non Applicable || TBA || Tyler Posey || Ellie
Up until his eighteenth birthday, he has no memories of his past. He doesn't know who is family was and how he came to forks in the first place. One day he just woke up, he was in Forks. He lived with a guy named Thomas for a few months prior to coming to the school. Thomas sent him to Woodland the day after finding out Aiden was a wolf.


Ariella Elizabeth Pierce || Eighteen || Wolf || N/A || Dakota || Victoria Justice || Played By: Sammi
Ariella grew up in a home, with two loving parents, they lived in Romania, they were part of the royal family...until that one day where everything went wrong. She was at school, not woodland a different private school in America, and it was almost winter break. Her parents were coming to visit her when she got a call saying that her parents were murdered on a plane ride by the none other than the Clave. Ever since she found out her grandparents enrolled her into Woodland at age 16 and it is her goal to bring the Clave down.


Carter Frazier || Nineteen/ Thrity Five || Vampire || He can erase a memory, good or bad || TBA || Jack Harries || Played By: Sammi
Carter grew up with a family of vampires. He was adopted of course and when he turned 17, his parents turned him. Now he was happy with life, but one day his parents weren't there anymore. They died because someone from the Clave killed them, with no reason, they weren't famous, or rich. They were just ordinary people. So his Aunt sent him to Woodland to well be able to protect himself.


Addison West || 17/122 || Vampire || Siren || TBA || Allison Harvard || Played By: Perry
Addison grew up in a small coastal town in Maine. She lived with her parents and she was an only child. One night after dark she went to the beach and a vampire attacked her. So she turned into a vampire. Addison has the power to make people do as she wants if she tells them to. She found out about woodland about a year ago but has only been there for 3 months when she decided she needed something new to do.


Mason Williams || 18 || Wolf || None || TBA || Zac Efron || Played By: Perry
Mason grew up in La Push. He had a normal life up until he turned into a wolf. His father told him all about the legends and such. After her turned, his father enrolled him into Woodland because he had been in Woodland. Mason has been there for about 6 months.


Sutton Mellarik || Seventeen || Witch || Carter & Mason || Emily Browning || Played By: Pewds
 Sutton was a good girl gone rogue after her boyfriend's murder, he meant everything to her, and when she had tried to bring him back, she realized she never could. He was a monster, a demon fixated to ruin all things good, and she had to put him down, it was one of the worst things she had ever done in life. Her aunts had tried to mend her broken heart, but it could have never been, and she had become out of control with her powers. So her aunts had decided to send her to Woodland, so she could have a control of her self-being again.


Samuel "Sam" Morris || Eighteen || Shapeshifter || Willow || Hunter Parrish || Played By: Pewds
 Sam grew up in a place where people were born alike. People drove the same cars, wore almost the same clothes, lived in similar houses, the whole works, it was as if he lived in a Utopia. But he didn't live there for long. Then, he didn't understand why people were the same, but when the small town was overrun, his parents had told them everything; the town was filled with Shapeshifters, and a group of Hybrids had decided to destroy it, as they had just sparked up a vengeance for them. Unfortunately, a group of them got to him and his family, and they parted way. Since then, he had been living with his human uncle, who had no clue about him, and then when the moment had come, Sam had decided to send himself to Woodland for help, and to seek other Shapeshifters.


Alex Goulding || Sixteen/Ten || Half Human/ Half Vampire || Addison || Alexander Gould || Played By: Pewds
Alex had that life where, his parents didn't know what to do with him. He was deathly ill, living in the hospital, suffering to cling onto life when he was only six. One of the doctors, had cared for him dearly, as she would say she'd never had a son, and if she had, Alex would be the perfect boy. This doctor, however, was a vampire, and she was absolutely torn when he was dying. So, she turned him, but not enough to completely be one. After the bite, he was pronounced dead, and a day later, he woke up breathing again, in a body bag. The first thing he had done, was ran home, and that was the day, that his and his parent's lives had changed forever. They knew there was something completely off about their son, and they wondered if it was their faults, for praying and hoping and pleading for the son to come back. But, that same doctor, had stopped by and explained everything, and told them that soon, she would take him away and send him to Woodland.


Margaret "Maggie" Grayson || Nineteen || Witch || None || TBA || Adelaide Kane || Ellie
Prior to coming to Woodland. She'd been training under her parents since she was Five years old. A long with her cousin who lived with them. The town she grew up in was really small, everyone knew each other. Her parents sent her to Woodland after the death of her cousin, in a supposed car accident a few montths prior.


Persephone "Seph" Carlson || Twenty-Five || Shapeshifter || Hand To Hand Combat || Extra || Ellie


Henry Dells || Twenty Eight || Shape-Shifter (Lion) || Strength Training/Agility || He can seem like a hard teacher, but he's really nice, sometimes || Played By: Sammi


Amelia "Amy" Rossin || Twenty-Five || Vampire || Intelligence || Extra || Played By: Perry


Clave Members:
Need More!

Peter Riversten || 4 3 || He is the leader || Played by: sail.


Brady McCormick || Twenty-Five || Second in Command || Played By: Pewds

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Amelia "Amy" Rossin || Twenty-Five || Vampire || Intelligence || Extra || Played By: Perry

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