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Derrek and Claire had it all.  They were the perfect couple.  One night, Derrek messes up at a party and ends up in bed with a girl that isn't Claire.  Claire walks in on them.  Derrek hates himself every day.  It's six months later and Derrek will stop at nothing to get Claire back.  Derrek never felt pain like that.

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Autumn and Ben love each other.  More than anything.  But they're both broken from past relationships and they both come from broken homes.  They argue all the time.  They can't leave each other though, because they can't bare the thought of not being together, but how long can they do this fighting?

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Ben and Claire?

Yes! Thank you.

Do you want to start or should I?

Derrek walked into school, and his eyes immediately fell onto Claire across the hall. He felt his heart skip a beat, and he frowned. He wanted to just talk to her. But she wouldn't even look his way anymore. He walked over to his locker and ran his hand through his hair. He shoved his jacket into it, and pulled out his Biology text book. He had a huge test today and he had completely forgotten to study. He took another glance at Claire who was laughing with all of her friends. That should be me, he thought. But it wasn't, because he had made a stupid drunken mistake and completely ruined the best thing that had ever happened to him. He stared at her until one of his friends came over and started talking to him, but he was only half paying attention. He saw Claire start to walk to her first period class, alone. He quickly apologized to his friend and went over to her, quickly catching up to her. "Can we talk?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

Autumn didn't bother coming to school that day. She hadn't slept, and she hadn't gotten any homework done. She was exhausted in every way possible. She and Ben had fought, again, last night. She was getting beyond sick of it, but she couldn't leave. She rolled onto her side, so that she was facing her wall. She couldn't even remember what the fight had been about, something that didn't even matter. She frowned and pulled her knees up to her chest. She was still in her outfit from last night, and she was only just realizing how uncomfortable skinny jeans can get, so she got up and walked to the closet. She quickly pulled out a pair of pajama pants, and an old, ratty teeshirt. She quickly changed, and laid back on her bed, and checked her phone, seeing that she had no new messages. She closed her eyes, but knew she wouldn't be able to sleep.

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Claire looked over at Derrek. "About what Derrek?" She felt and heard the icy tone in her voice. She knew it was wrong but she couldn't help it. After what he did, she had the right to give him that tone. She was still in shock that he would do that her. She stopped in front of her first period class and turned to look at him. "Whatever you are going to say, I don't want to hear it. Whatever excuse you are going to make about it, it doesn't matter." She turned away from him. The distance was killing her, but she needed to get away. He had broken her heart and everyone keeps telling her that once a cheater is always a cheater. She knew deep down that Derrek wasn't like that, but she couldn't emotionally handle it if she stayed with him

Ben sighed and leaned against the wall on the school building. He barely remembered what the fight was about, but he remember very clearly on how he stormed out of his own house. He took a quick glance seeing if he could see Autumn, but he had a feeling that he wasn't going to see her today. He placed his hands in his pockets. He hated the fighting, but he didn't have the guts to leave Autumn. He couldn't leave her. Everything about her, even when she was angry, made him feel whole. He sighed and walked into to the school after locking the truck.  

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