The Twilight Saga

People like us we've gotta stick together
Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever

Supernatural creatures are known throughout the world, but are seen as outcasts. A group of misfits teenagers tries to change the view of society as they struggle with there everyday lives. 


Guy & Girl.

One paranormal & one human.

Don't make it all about you.

Don't ignore other characters.

Follow the plot. 

Long-ish replies. 


Name | Age | Species | Crush | P/B




Tanner Gage | Seventeen | Werewolf | --- | Me

Tanner was that girl who every guy wanted to be with and every girl secretly wanted to be. Her life was picture perfect until the real world and the supernatural world collide. Her secret was then revealed. After Tanner's friends found out what she was, they deserted her. Now she is labeled a freak. 

Elias Frost | Eighteen | Human | --- | Me 

Eli was already an outcast. He never really fit in, but he was okay with that. He loved his weird, dorky small group of friends. When he found out about the supernatural world, he was fascinated and treated them no differently than humans. He thinks it's wrong how others segregate and treat them. 

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Thank you both!

Thanks Rora! Glad to have you back :)

Blue Evon Haloway | Eightteen | Human | TBD | Honey Blood [Evon]

Lena is very kind hearted, but she can be very blunt with her thoughts towards people. She's a dare-devil to say the least. She loves heights and she finds herself climbing things constantly. Her parents divorced when she was sixteen after they said for years how much the loved each other and how they would never seperate, so because of that she doesn't believe in true love and she refuses to fall in love with anyone.


Alex Warren Sheathes | Eightteen| Werewolf | TBD | Honey Blood [Evon]

Max is the typical nice-guy and a major people pleaser. He's not very good at telling people his feelings so sometimes he comes off as a jerk. When he likes a girl he tends to fall way to hard over her, and then he usually ends up with a broken heart.

Thank you! I love Dylan O'Brien ♥

yeah!:) and omg me toooo :3

He's perfection :D my character's so having a crush on him if that's alright. 

hey, i just noticed that I accidently made her name Blue instead of Lena, AND Alex's name Max instead of Alex because I change their names when I was making them.. so I'm just making clear that her name is Lena and his name is Alex hahah:)

Haha okay :)

May I join? I don't have a computer so is it okay if I put in a link for my characters' look? :)

Sure :D

(Thank you! I'll have my girl up soon!)
Henry Alejandro Salcedo | Eighteen | Shapeshifter | No crush | Electric Shock
Growing up, Henry had the perfect life. He had every anyone could ever want. Looks, money, popularity, brains, talent, and a slight Spanish accent That drove girls insane. Even with all That he still managed to be a nice guy. Not many people talked to him though because it annoyed people how 'perfect' he was. In fact, many people found him to be obnoxious and full of himself. Yet despite all That, he was still one of the most envied people in town. Now, Henry was fully aware That some people didnt like him, but he never minded. The hardest thing for Henry was hiding his shapeshifting powers, especially from his Human parents.
When everyone became aware of supernatural beings, Henry's secret was revealed and he most everything. Now he lives by himself in a crappy apartment, due to the fact That his patents were so revolted to have a supernatural child That they abandoned him.
Now he is thought of as a scary monster and nobody dares go near him now.

Emilia Grace Bellefleur | Seventeen | Human | No crush | Electric Shock
Emilia is the girl that your parents or friends would warn you about. There are a lot of stories about Em. "She sells drugs, she has been to jail before, She stabbed a girl in the shoulder one time" are just a few stories that people hear about her. Rest assured that most of them are rumors. Emilia isn't bad, but she isn't exactly good either. She can be a bit mean sometimes and is a very sarcasric person. She comes off as rude and bitter sometimes.Emilia is very unpredictable with her moods. At one time she can be sarcastic and rude, then she can be super friendly and nice, then she can be sad and innocent, then she can explode and start yeling at you all under 30 minutes. Emilia has always been treated as an outsider and doesn't exactly have any friends. She doesn't mind supernaturals. She's not the type to judge someone for something they can't help.


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