The Twilight Saga

Now that Claire is getting older, Quil is thinking its almost time to tell her about the wolfs and the imprint, shes in high school and Quil is hoping she feels like he is starting to feel.

Claire- Me (Chaos~Crazy<3*)

Age- 16

Role- Quils imprint



I say this on all of my rps but for real, whoever plays Quil, make a girl and pick a wolf and I will play a werewolf for your girl.

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Quil and will make Embry's Imprint :)

Layla Williams

She goes to the same school as Claire, they have been friends for a few years now. She's 17 years old.

Layla is gifted, as she has control over Nature and she can talk to Animals 

She is rather shy at first, but once you get to know her, she is a bubbly and friendly person.

Awesome thank you!

I'll get us started.

Claire  walked with Layla after school, Quil normally picked them up and they would all go hang out some where. Claire loved to spend time with Quil, she had known him since she could remember. La Push was cold and wet most the time but she didn't mind it like some people. As she and Layla got to Quils car she saw someone else in the car "Hey Quil, Embry, hey" she said, normally it was just Quil. She hugged Quil quickly and got in the back seat with Layla

Embry walked to Quils car and got in. He had told Quil he was coming today. As they drove down the road towards the high school "You ever going to tell Claire?" he asked him "I mean, if i had an imprint, i would tell her" he said. As they got to the high school, he saw Claire and a friend of hers, she was beautiful, it was like his world just stopped and she was all he saw. After Claire got in the car and he looked at her friend "Hi, I'm Embry" he told her

Welcome :)

Layla was walking with Claire as Quil was going to pick them up, she lived in La Push for a few years now, ever since she moved here she and Claire had been good friends, she smiled softly as she greeted Quil "Hi." she said and she noticed Quil's friend, she blinked and she smiled over at him shyly as he addressed her "I am Layla." she said with a small smile as she looked at him and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear leaning against her seat

Quil looked at Embry "I was planing on doing it later today." he said and he nodded as he smiled softly at Layla and Claire "Hey Claire...Hey Layla." he said in his usual happy voice and he noticed the way Embry looked at Layla, he knew his friend had just Imprinted, he looked at Claire and Layla "So where to girls?" he asked as he chuckled softly and he smiled at Claire, looking at her, he was nervous about telling her everything

Claire looked at Quil from the back seat. "Uh, how about we go to the beach for a little ? Since its not raining for once" she laughed and looked at Layla and Embry. She smiled to herself. Claire and Quil had been best friends for years, she looked at him and smiled. "Hey Quil?"  she asked

Embry smiled at Layla. "Nice to meet you " he told her. He knew she was nervous. "So Layla, how long have you lived in La Push?" he asked her and smiled. He wanted to get to know er and tell her everything about what he was and the imprint but he wasn't about to scare her away so quickly.

Quil smiled softly nodding "Beach it is then." he said as he started to drive towards the beach and he looked back at Claire in the rear-view window "What is it Claire?" he asked and he smiled at back at her, as he looked at her briefly before he looked back at the road while he was driving.

Layla looked at him as she smiled softly "Lovely to meet you too." she told him and she counts in her head "Almost 5 years now." she told him as she looked into his brown eyes...they were almost a deep chocolate brown, his features stood out, he was rather handsome. She wondered if he was the one Claire had mentioned to her at one point

Claire looked at him "Have you seen any big bear around lately? I saw this huge bear the other night, it was right in the woods, i think it was black" she told him, she wasnt even sure it was a bear but she didn't want to freak anyone else out.

Embry nodded and looked back into her eyes, she was so beautiful. "Can't believe I haven't seen you around before" he said "Do you like it here? The cold, i mean? " Embry liked it here but most normal people, that werent werewolfs, tended not to like it to much

Quil looked at her as she mentioned a black bear "You sure it was a bear?" he asked raising an eyebrow slightly...knowing very well it was Sam, since his fur was black when he shifted

Layla smiled softly "I guess, it was hit and miss." she told him and she nodded "It's not so bad, sometimes I do miss the warmth though..I moved here from Miami." she told him with a soft smile

Claire looked at him "I don't know, maybe it was, it might not have been" she said  "It was big. thats all i know" she told him as he drove.

Embry nodded "I like it most the time " he told her "I've never been to Miami" he commented "I've heard its really hot though" he said.

Quil nodded as he looked at her "Be careful, okay?" he told her, he looked worried. He didn't want her to get hurt and it just made him more nervous about telling her

Layla smiled nodding "Doesn't seem like a bad town." she replied and she smiled softly "It's very hot...but the beaches are lovely there..golden sand...pure blue ocean."

Claire nodded "I always am" she said "Its funny though, because i feel like i saw this same thing when i was little" she told him, trying to remember.

Embry smiled and nodded "Its not a bad town really " he told her "Theres just not a lot to do around here" he said "But we go to Port Angles all the time, maybe you could some with me sometime?"

Quil looked at her curiously when she said this happened before "You have?" he asked and he raised an eyebrow softly. He pulled at the parking lot that was near by the beach as he turned off the engine and looked at her wondering what she would remember.

Layla smiled softly as she nodded "I's not." she said and she bit her lip "Ah, I've been there once or twice." she said and she smiled "That'd be nice." she told him


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