The Twilight Saga

Now that Claire is getting older, Quil is thinking its almost time to tell her about the wolfs and the imprint, shes in high school and Quil is hoping she feels like he is starting to feel.

Claire- Me (Chaos~Crazy<3*)

Age- 16

Role- Quils imprint



I say this on all of my rps but for real, whoever plays Quil, make a girl and pick a wolf and I will play a werewolf for your girl.

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Claire looked at him "So Sam imprinted on my Aunt Emily? and Paul on Rachel Black?  she said, not really asking "So I'm your soulmate?" she asked him "I'm glad you told me but I have no idea what to do"

Embry smiled at her. "Would you like to see one?" he asked her "I could show you one someday" he told as they walked.


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