The Twilight Saga


"I'm waking up to ash and dust wipe my brow and I sweat my rust." 

When  Arya woke up, she was surrounded by ash and dust, and a lightness coloring her eyes. The world had ended but in in fire or ice but in blood. Vampires had taken over, putting humans into slavery as being nothing but blood-bags. Luckily there are a few rebels still out of the vampires reach ready for a fight. 

Arya has no idea what the eyes she now yields means, but when she runs into a group of survivors, she can see they don't trust her because of them. They let her into their hide-out, keeping a close eye on her to make sure she does not do anything stupid. Arya just wants to know what happened and how she can help them stop it. She also wants to know what happened to her to give her these eyes. 

When they are on a mission, a vampire catches her eye and knows what those glowing eyes mean. They mean power, that Arya is not just a human, but something more and she has no idea what she is capable of. 


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Arya Spark | Twenty-One | Bow N' Arrow | Played By: *Me*

Arya has only known about the Vampire-attack for a little while. She is scared but hides it because she knows this is not the time for it. Whenever she looks into the mirror what wonders what kind of freak she is, glowing blue eyes are not normal!  As she hides her fear of the world and what she is, Arya learns to use a weapon, how to defend herself and the people around her from the things that want to eat them..




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