The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella, Paul. Supernatural Creatures. E.g Werewolves

Plot: Peter and Lucy along with their half sister Bella stumble opun Narnia and soon thing turn around for the better for them all, they seem to belong in Narnia and no where Else, they feel at home and safe, but as Bella grows closer to Prince Caspian, danger awaits as her ex Paul still wants her. What will happen?


Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan-Pevensie

15 years old/later 19 years old

Human/Narnian Star and Princess

In Love with Caspian

Played by Me


Lucy Pevensie

12 Years old/Later 16


No Crush

Played by Katerina


Paul Lahote

Age Not Known


Bella's Ex, still wants her.

Played by Katerina



Peter Pevensie

17 Years old/Later 21


No Crush

Played by Me


Prince Caspian

19 Years old/Later 23

Human/Narnian Prince/King

In Love with Bella

Played by Katerina



Long Replies

Be Dedicated

Can ask to join

Tell me when going

Have fun :)


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It was a morning in the Pevensie's house hold like any other day, after Bella, Peter and Lucy had their breakfast, Bella was chasing Lucy around the house as they were playing a game, Peter just watched his two sisters with a happy smile on his face, but Bella stopped when an odd sound came from the closet "What on earth is that?" she said and she looked at the closet in the room they were all standing in, she swallowed and she took a step towards the closet keeping Lucy by her side and she poked the door open and she felt a warm breeze hit her, she looked confused so she decided to step inside the closet and she felt around until she tripped and she landed flat on her stomach, face first into warm green grass, she winced a bit and she scrumbled up to her feet "Where are we?" she said and she fell again as Peter was behind her and he tripped landing on top of her "Ow" she said.

Peter pulled her up to her feet "Sorry sis" he said and he helped her up as Lucy followed them. He said and he looked around "Okay where are we? this doesn;t look London" he said and he wondered where they were, they were in a forest, that had wild flowers, fruits and pure green grass and lake with water so blue, it put the sky to shame, it was shining and looked rather refreshing, the whole scenery looked beautiful and peaceful.

Bella looked around and she splashed her face with some of the lake water, it was rather refreshing, she closed her eyes before she stood up again and soon enough she heard what sounded like the hoofs of a horse, she turned around to see where it came from and soon enough she saw a rather handsome young man riding on a horse, she bit her lip and she swallowed, he was the most handsome man she ever laid her eyes on, in her entire life, she looked down at the ground shyly, as she was the most shy from her siblings and she bit her lip slightly nervous, she could tell the boy belonged here, unlike them. She chewed on her lip in a nervous manner like she always does and she debated with her self if she should look up at the handsome man or not. She let her self look up once again and her eyes locked with his, it caused her cheeks to turn rouge.


Caspian-I looked deep into her eyes, smiling at her. Wow...I've never seen so much beauty in my life before. I got off of my horse and walked over to them. I kept smiling, "Hello." I spoke to them but mostly the young beautiful girl, standing in front of me. I took her hand into mine, caressing it and kissed it lightly as I looked up at her. I lowered her hamd down away from my lips. "I'm Caspian...Prince Caspian. And what might your name be?" Once I kissed I her hand, she couldn't speak, nor do anything really. I snickered a little at her.

Lucy:I looked at my sister as she stared blankly at Caspian. I nuged her but she didn't say or do anything. "Her name is Bella. Sorry about her...she's just a little nervous. But she'll snap back out of it in a little while. Um, I'm Lucy and this is our brother Peter." I smiled at him.

Caspian-"Nice to meet you all." I kissed Lucy's hand lightly and smiled. Then I walked over to Peter and shook his hand. "So by your clothes I can see your not from here. And then there is the huge wardrobe behind you all, so..."

Lucy-"Can you tell us...where the heck are we?"


Bella stared at Caspian in awe, and she felt her knees go to jelly, when he kissed her hand and caressed it , she turned bright red and she stared at him in silence, she just looked at him, she felt bit embarrassed when he snickered, and she bit her lip as Lucy nudged her, she bit her lip and looked down at the floor nervously "Um..what umm Lucy said" she mumbled as she looked away from him, gosh, she needed to calm down, but he was too handsome and it was killing her, she looked at him "I am sorry, did you say Narnia?" she said looking at Caspian, what on earth was this place..surely they did not fit in, since he was a Royalty.

Peter chuckled a she watched how his sister was around Caspian "I think someone's got a crush on somebody" he teased Bella nudging her and he smiled and he chuckled and he looked at Caspian "It's pleasure to meet you" he greeted Caspian

Bella blushed at her brother's words and she hid her face in her hands

Caspian-"Yes Narnia, it's a whole different world. Talking animals,Aslan the Lion also our leader." I looked at Bella and took her hand down away from her face. "You are too beautiful to cover your face like that. I never seen anything so beautiful before I met you...and your sister of course." I smiled at Peter's remark. I felt the same way about her as well. I kept her hands in mine as I stared deeply into her chocolate brown eyes. I put her hands up to my lips again and kissed them once more.

Lucy-Looks over at Peter and wonder if we should leave them soon-to-be couple alone or we should wait and stay. I walked over to Peter and looked up at him, wondering what was he thinking. Whatever he wanted to do I would go along with

Caspian-I was so tempted to kiss her right now but it would be rude to kiss in front of her siblings. And I just met her and I already wanted to lip lock with her.

(I got a rp idea :))

Bella blinked when he said talking animals "Talking Animals? well that's a new one...but then again, we found a way into a new world which we didn't know existed and I am talking to royalty and I am just me...typical...plain...normal London girl" she said, more to her self than anyone else. She bit her lip as Caspian uncovered her eyes and she looked into his brown eyes, she bit her lip nervously and she let the wind make her hair fall over her own eyes, as she was too nervous to even speak. She blushed as he kissed her hands once again and she closed her eyes for a few seconds before she opened them, his hands felt so warm and soft against her own skin.

Peter coughed slightly and he looked at them "Sorry to break you two up...but I think we should get going and find a place to stay before the sun goes down." he said

(yeah? :))

Caspian-"Oh of course. You all can come stay with me in my kingdom. To say welcome to Narnia." I smiled. I helped her and Lucy up on my horse. I looked at Peter, "Do you wanna get on as well or do you want to walk?" I looked at him waiting for him to reply.

Lucy-"Bella and Caspian sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g." I gigged at her, and imagining them getting married and having babies together.

(Yeah :)) It's based around the film Killing Bono. Bella is Paul(Bono's little sister) that lives in England now, where the two brothers Ivan (Robert Sheehan) and Neil (Ben Barnes) want to get big as the band U2, but Neil and Bella had a crush on each other as kids, but when they meet, Bella does not recognize him as it;s been few years since they saw each other, Neil wants to use her to get to Bono, but this time he really ends up falling for her.)

Bella bit her lip and she shot Lucy a glare "Lucy...don't"s he said shaking her head and she bit her lip and she held onto the horse that Caspian set her down on and she bit her lip as she tried to stop blushing but she could not help, but stop. She let her hair fall over her eyes once again, covering her blushing face.

Peter chuckled at what Lucy said and he looked at Caspian "Thank you for that...but I am fine with walking, besides I am not sure how the 4 of us can fit on one horse" he said and he ran a hand through his hair

(nice summary)

Caspian-"Alright." I got on the horse. "Make sure you hold onto the person in front of you, just wrap your arms around their waist." I said as we started riding slow. I wanted to say that so Bella could hold onto me.
Lucy-I smile at Bella as she blushed. I look at Peter then Bella and Caspian. I wrapped my arms around Bella so I wouldn't fall off. I wish Peter could be able to get on the horse so that way I could fall onto him if the horse throws us off

(yeah, it came to me lol :) should I make it? )

Bella bit her lip as she realized that Caspian placed her right in the spot where she was behind him, and she'd have to hold onto him, she slipped her arms around his waist softly and she locked her hands around him and she held onto him, she closed her eyes as she did not want to hear what Lucy or Peter had to say, she just heard Peter sniggering and she shot him a glare as he just laughed as he walked beside them.

Peter kept chuckling "I am sorry Bells, but your face is priceless" he said and he looked at Lucy "Hold on tight, little monkey" he chuckled and smiled

Lucy-"Don't worry I will." I laugh with Peter.

Caspian-"I think she's matter what expression she has appeared on her face." I look at her and smiled and continued to ride. We were almost to the kingdom so I was glad they were close.

Bella blushed and she hid her face in Caspian's back, his scent slipped into her nostrils and it seemed to calm her down, to the point where she almost fell asleep, when they got to Cair Paravel, she fell off the horse as she lost her balance from holding onto Caspian and breathing in his scent she ended up dangling upside down. "Well...this is fantastic" she said as she tried to get her leg down from the seat, so she could just try and stand on one leg and then stand on the other one.

Peter laughed when Bella was falling off the horse "Fall asleep did you Bells?"he said as he helped her down and he set her down on her two feet chuckling


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