The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Bella, Paul. Supernatural Creatures. E.g Werewolves

Plot: Peter and Lucy along with their half sister Bella stumble opun Narnia and soon thing turn around for the better for them all, they seem to belong in Narnia and no where Else, they feel at home and safe, but as Bella grows closer to Prince Caspian, danger awaits as her ex Paul still wants her. What will happen?


Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan-Pevensie

15 years old/later 19 years old

Human/Narnian Star and Princess

In Love with Caspian

Played by Me


Lucy Pevensie

12 Years old/Later 16


No Crush

Played by Katerina


Paul Lahote

Age Not Known


Bella's Ex, still wants her.

Played by Katerina



Peter Pevensie

17 Years old/Later 21


No Crush

Played by Me


Prince Caspian

19 Years old/Later 23

Human/Narnian Prince/King

In Love with Bella

Played by Katerina



Long Replies

Be Dedicated

Can ask to join

Tell me when going

Have fun :)


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Peter gave him an annoyed look

Bella just laughed shaking her head

Caspian-I saw how annoyed he looked, "I'm sorry."

Lucy-"Oh don't be sorry, it was funny Caspian."

Peter held that expression for a while, biting his lip, but he could not hold him self and burst into laughter "I am messing with you." he said

Bella tried not to laugh "You are evil." she said playfully slapping her brother's arm

Caspian-I laughed too, "You got me there. I guess that was payback."
Lucy-"See, I told you that you didn't have to be sorry." I smiled. Then I giggled as Bella slapped Peter

Peter laughed nodding and he looked at Bella "You should see your expression." he said

" hilarious." Bella said rolling her eyes at Peter shaking her head "I am going for a walk." she said, she left as she needed some fresh air and she ran a hand through her hair as she walked into the woods near by and she walked along the lake.She heard a twig snap near by and she looked around "Hello?" she asked, she had no idea she was being watched by her Ex Paul, who somehow got here too. She shook the strange feeling off as she carried on walking and she tripped over a rock and landed on the floor wincing, she noticed her hands were scraped with her fall and she tried to stand up



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