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Couples rp?? Summer vacation rp?? Rp ideas?? I want to rp! :) So lets make one!!

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Yeah we could, Sofia do you want to combine them?

Nah I don't really see how it would work


Ok then i"ll just make two different ones, but yall can join both of them if yall want to :)!

okies :)

Ok i'm making them now so make your peeps and i'll add them!! 

with ours how are you making it?


For the Lake house one its just name , Age, Looks 

For the other one its  Name, Age, Bio , Looks

For the other one not the lake house what are the couples your doing???

we can do the one that  said or we can come up with different ones. I just started to make it now.

Okay so we have

Rich girl and gangster boy

werewolf and cousin girlfriend

what about:

vampire and hunter 

angel and demon


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