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Couples rp?? Summer vacation rp?? Rp ideas?? I want to rp! :) So lets make one!!

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If you make one i'll join, I don't really like making just joining.


A road trip RP, or a lakehouse or something(:


Ok! How about a road trip to a lake house!?!? :)


Great! I'll make it now! 

Make you characters and post it here and i'll add it when i make the rp!!

I'll make one with you

Awesome! What do you want it to be about?

Ummmmmm I have no idea I'm trying to think but I'm getting a blank. What about couples who aren't right for each other but end up together

Perfect. Like one couple could be like a sweet rich girl and a gangster guy and the only girl wolf of a pack imprints on her cousins boyfriend or something like that. 

Yeah stuff like that :)

I like that. We could use the lakehouse idea into that too


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