The Twilight Saga

Anyone wanna rp? I have a idea if anyone wants to hear it

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What's your idea?

I kind of want to do something with vampires takin over the human race
I like it
Really?(: okay what kind of vampire? Also when I make it I won't be able to add picture for a while wince I'm on my phone

id like to rp

Possibly vampire diaries vampires because vampires aren't very scary when they sparkle

i love the vampire diaries 

Haha. I'm not a vampire diaries fan so y'all will have to bear with me on that one :p

Basically they have fangs, they don't sparkle, have super speed and burn in the sun unless they have a piece of jewelry that has been blessed by a witch that has a lapiz lazuli stone in it

Okay thanks (: I'm at the beach and will make it tonight


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