The Twilight Saga

Romance is a must. haha :)

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I'm up for making one with you

at last someone :) u got any ideas ?

Not really I was thinking the usual imprint story but instead of seeing the girl they have to kiss them makes things more interesting

o.o i like that... so they,ll only fimd their mate or imprint on them when they get to kiss the girl.luv it. 

Yep makes a rp longer and I was thinking to make it that much more interesting some of the guys could imprint on vamps

yah yah perfect :) they,ll be alot of chase. i was also thinking like a groupnof guys make bets on girls, after getting to know the girl and kissing her, he found out rhat thats their real imprint. they hv to either be honest with the girls, tell her bout the bet orr ignore it. vry cliche, i know

I think it's perfect

Did you want me to make it??

You here????

Srry I ttly forgot about tis. Soo srry.
Srry I ttly forgot about tis. Soo srry.

It's all good so did I for a bit haha


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