The Twilight Saga

:O IT'S ME?! SKYLA?! OMFGGG!!! And I've came back as .. A DIRECTIONER XD YAAAAAAY!!! <33 Ik a lot of u hate me now x3 AAAND I ship Larry Stylinson(Louis & Harry) and I think they're a couple :) .. *sigh* a lot of u are probably removing me from ur friends list right now xD buuut I had an idea for a Larry Stylinson roleplay .. actually, 2 ideas one is based off of my fanfic on Wattpad called Are You Afraid Of The Dark?( and another one I'm actually debating between two sooo if you wanna join then leave suggestions for which one and I'll tell u more info about it if u wanna be in it :) Okay? Okay! Byyye :D

~Skyla xX( Yes I got the xX from Harry & Louis .. mostly Harry xD)

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Asdfghjkl, I'm interested. 

Really? ^.^ cool :) wait .. which idea do u want? :P


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