The Twilight Saga

I was thinking about making a superhero RP, something like The Avengers, Fantastic Four, things of that nature. 

I also was thinking about doing this thing I read a while back where a group of teens are trapped in a house, and they have to compete to the death, sorta like a Jigsaw/Hunger Games thing.

Tell me whatcha think ! :D


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Any ideas for a superhero rp?

No clue yet... Just that people make their own superheros from scratch, aaand that's it for now.

Awesome!!! :DD

Yeah, same here. I kinda wanted to have all the people normal at first, but then transformed into a superhero, like how Spider-Man got bit by the radioactive spider :] Just like, everyone can make up their own stories on how they transformed.

Yeah! It's just the plot that I'm thinking of...

Would a superhero have like a normal human girlfriend?

YES I like the idea of the super heroes

Yeah of course !

And cool! Have any ideas?

Okay, so... so far I've got nothing XD I guess it can be about a group of newborn heroes, maybe in a different year, can form up a team to stop everyday crime, same with villains, except they are the one instigating the crime.

Okay great! Now I just need a Twilight Relation...

It does :[ .... Maybe the Volturi are interested in their powers and want to turn them into vamps so that they can be apart of their clan??


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