The Twilight Saga

Sam Uley never knew he had a little sister until his father told him. Her name is Cammy. Cammy wants to meet her brother, so she gets herself to La Push. When she gets there, Sams fiance Emily wants to throw a welcome party for her. During that welcome party, all the wolfs are there to meet Cammy. Paul imprints on Cammy. 

Cammy Elizabeth Uley


Sams little sister, and Pauls imprint.

Cammy is fun to be around but gets really serious sometimes. She, like same, has a temper and didn't know she had a brother until recently. she knows nothing about werewolfs.




Short Bio:


Who ever plays Paul sooner, we sooner we can start.

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Cammy looked at him and sighed. "And why not?" she questioned,she looked at him, her eyes soft but her attitude serious.

Quil sighed and held onto Shae. He rubbed her back, holding onto her. He held her protectively, like no one was would ever hurt her. He took in her scent, breathing lightly.

Paul sighed. "I just... Can't. It's complicated." He said, "You wouldn't understand." He looked down.

Shae sniffed, pulling away hesitantly. "I think I'm gonna leave this." She said, gesturing around to the party, "There's just so much drama, ya know?"

Cammy sighed, looking down. "I'm trying to help" she told him. "Maybe somebody you can tell me" she told him, starting to get up.

Quil looked at her. He sighed and nodded hesitantly, understanding why she wanted to leave "Let me take you home" he offered, not taking no for an answer.

"Cammy, wait." Paul said, his chest hurting at the thought of her feeling left out or hurt. "If I could tell you, I would. I swear. But, I can't really tell anyone..."

Shae tried to tell him she could walk, and she'd be fine, but he wouldn't have any of it. "Fine." She sighed, saying her goodbye's to the pack and walking off with him.

Cammy stopped in her tracks when her heard Paul. "Why cant you tell anyone? It seems that you could tell Quil or your sister" she said, turning around to look at him.

Quil insisted on taking her home, he wasn't going to let her walk home, he would worry if she did. "Come on" he told her, leading her to his car.

Paul groaned. He didn't know how to state this without offending her. "Quil forced me to tell him, and I don't want to get Shae involved." 

Shae followed him to his car and jumped in the passenger seat.

Cammy looked at him. "Is that why you walked away? " she asked. "Sorry.I'm being nosey "

Quil smiled at her. He got in the car and started it up and started to drive. "So Shae, your brother would kill me if he knew I was asking you this. But would you like to hang out sometime? "

Paul nodded. "I don't want to drag her into this. Force her to lie to... People."

Shae leaned her head up against the window, looking over at Quil as he spoke. A smile slowly grew on her face, and she didn't try to hide it. "Yes, definitely." She said, before blushing and trying to correct herself. "I mean, sure, whatever..."

Cammy  nodded. "Into what?" she turned her head. "Why would she have to lie?"

Quil smiled at Shae. He chuckled softly at her reaction then listened to her correcting herself. "I'm glad" he said, driving.

Paul sighed. "I did something... Bad." He ran his fingers through her hair. "But, I couldn't control it. It's natural for people like me. But if one of my friends find out that I did this, he'll hate me."

Shae smiled. "So am I."

Cammy looked at him "like - bad bad? " she asked him "and people like you? "

Quil looked over to her once "Are you doing anything tomorrow afternoon? "

Paul looked at her in silence. He had no idea what to say. "Y-Yeah. People like me."

Shae leaned her head up against the window. "Nope." She said, popping the "p".


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