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Sam Uley never knew he had a little sister until his father told him. Her name is Cammy. Cammy wants to meet her brother, so she gets herself to La Push. When she gets there, Sams fiance Emily wants to throw a welcome party for her. During that welcome party, all the wolfs are there to meet Cammy. Paul imprints on Cammy. 

Cammy Elizabeth Uley


Sams little sister, and Pauls imprint.

Cammy is fun to be around but gets really serious sometimes. She, like same, has a temper and didn't know she had a brother until recently. she knows nothing about werewolfs.




Short Bio:


Who ever plays Paul sooner, we sooner we can start.

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Please join?

Join please?

Sam Uley | 23 | Alpha. Brother of Cammy and Emily's mate || Sam is the mature and serious one. Him being an Alpha only makes him more serious and can make him come off as a hotheaded person. he's only like this because to keep his pack and his imprint / the packs imprints safe. He can be fun to be around but he's usually quiet, he's usually observing the pack and enjoying their company - as they are the only family he knows. (Until Cammy comes). He's laid back and a great listening. He'll stop at nothing to keep his loved ones safe.He's very loving and caring besides what everyone thinks of him.

- - -
Elizabeth Clary Brooks | 16 | Cammy's new best friend. Seth's imprint (later on the story) || Elizabeth has kind heart. She's clever and tries to make everyone around her feel comfortable. She would always try to make others happy. She is rather naive in relationships. If you have any problem go to her and she'll give you the best hug and good advise. She's known for being sweet and laid back, she isn't the one to take control in situations but she knows how to handle them.She enjoys reading and listening to music, she is in the middle between girly and tomboy. Besides what anyone may say of her at school. she's nice and very caring even if her walls are up at first.

Thanks.! I'll get us started in a few

If anyone wants to start a new role play with me... Like one anyone can join, where there aren't really any main characters... That'd be amazing c:

Would you like to play Paul?

If we can use a girl that I make as an important character/love interest for a guy you play, then sure.

i can do that!

Name: Shaelynn "Shae"  Montgomery-Lahote


Role: Paul's sister, one of Cammy's best friends, future imprintee of one of the wolves.

Short Bio: Shae is a not-so-girly-girl. She is sarcastic, eats a lot, and loves playing video games. She also has a nice sense of style, and loves to sing, play her guitar, and read. She puts her wall up, and tries to never let her down. But when a certain wolf comes along... Well, that's just not gonna work anymore...


Name: Paul Lahote

Age: 18 (I know he'd be older, but for the sake of this rp...)

Role: Imprints on Cammy

Short Bio: Paul is very hot-headed, and is prone to random shape-shifts because of his anger issues. He has a soft spot for Cammy, as much as he hates to admit it.


After you add your guy, we can start.

I'm playing Seth and hows Quil?

I'll add the bios when I'm on my computer.

Yeah, that's fine. Wanna start?


Cammy said her goodbyes to her mother before she got on the plane to Seattle, for her brother, who she didn't know about until recently , was picking her up. She sighed and sat on the plane. She hadn't met him but she knew his name was Sam and his girlfriends name was Emily. She got off the plane a few hours later. She got her bags. She hoped this wasn't going to suck. She didn't now she had a brother until her mom told her and that she had left her father when she found out she was pregnant with her. She looked around for any sign of her brother. She had her book bag on her back, a duffle bag, her computer, and a rolling suitcase. She got on her tip toes. She was shorter than most 17 year olds. "Sam Uley?" she called.

Seth stayed behind because Sam told him to stay and help Emily set up for his sister that no one knew about. no one had even seen a picture of this girl. Sam just warned us not to tell her the secret of werewolfs, to which we all agreed. Seth listened to Emilys instructions as he set up a table for her to put her cooking on. He started to grab benches and move them to tables. He sighed and did as Emily said.

Quil jogged to Sam and Emilys, only to find out that Sam had already left. He deiced to stay and help set up for the welcoming party. Not all of the pack members were there, nor were they too happy having the secret being kept again. Since most had told there imprint and now there was Sam, the alphas sister. He lifted the things that Emily needed help with.


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