The Twilight Saga

What if when you died, you went to another world.

This world is just like the one you lived in, but you have gained a special power.

You have to learn how to use that power, or you will be stuck in this realm forever.

"Welcome! Here at this school you will learn how to use your power, before you are set free back into the human world!. 

You will have classes every day from 10 am to 12 pm. Each day you will attented a different class.

You will have plently of free time after and before classes.

You are not to leave campus and enter into aother realm. If you do im sad to tell you, you will not be able to  go back to the human world for a very long time.

Other than that the only rules are:

1. No Fight

2. No skipping

3. Be on time to class"



Dont ditch

Boy and Girl

Detailed replies








Girls Dorms


Guys Dorms


Lucy and Ryan Heart-me


These twins where both murdered one day while walking home from school. Ryan died trying to save his sister. They have now pocessed a great power. They can both cause anyone in their path to feel the pain they both felt being stabbed. They also contain a gif that only works when they are together. They read each others minds, and know when the other is in danger. Lucy is very hyper and bubble and is normally loud and loves to sing and read. Her brother Ryan though is laid back and very quiet and shy. He doesnt talk to hardly anyone but his sister




Both of their crushes are TBA


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Name: Julianna Reynolds 

Age: 16

Bio: Julianna had been shot by her older brother because she came home late one night. She can make people feel like they have been shot anywhere on their body the way she had. She has been silent for a while when she came to this realm. She is tired of being quiet and ignored. When people get to know her they know she has a super sweet personality.

Dorm: 200

Crush : TBA

Name: Hunter Keys

Age: 18

Bio: He was in a horrible knife fight with a gang from his hometown so he can make anybody feel like they are being stabbed in the side or in the head. He is a really quiet and "mysterious" as people say. 

Dorm: 103

Crush : TBA


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