The Twilight Saga

It's hard being in high school, but, it;s even worse when you have supernatural powers that you have to keep under wraps.  

Some kids are born with a special ability but, everyone knows if people found out about them they will want to experiment on them. All the kids know it's best to keep their secrets to themselves, and some of them have no idea others are out there until they get a note in their locker to sign on to a chat room where there will be other people just like them. 



Boy &' Girl

ONE POWER (No one can control ANY of the elements )

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Roy Foster | Seventeen | Telekinesis | Tech_Nerd | Played By: *Olivia 

Roy can move things with his mind, something he had been able to do since he was born and it used to freak his parents out. When he turned four, he realized he needed to stop and acted like he was never able to do those things, although he secretly does it when he cans. Roy is just a "nerd" in school, someone who gets straight A's and knows what he's doing with is life. But he still struggles with having this ability. 

Thea Archer | Eighteen | Invisibility | Wallflower | Played By: Olivia 

Thea's been able to turn invisible since she turned ten. At first it was a struggle to control, she would freak her friends out be randomly vanishing.  Soon, people got annoyed and Thea just turned into a Wallflower, with only a friend or two. Although, it is fun to freak others out when she wants a bit of revenge. Thea has a spark as a personality, she might not be well liked but she has fun with her enemies.



Full Name | Age | Power | Username | Played By: 


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Indigo sighed and watched his message pop up. She never really opened up to anyone. She replied
[YourKindOfBlue said:] and you think the alternative is fun? You just seem to know exactly what your doing with everything.
Sure indigo was confident and popular but when it came to math...she was clueless half the time.

Wes laughe out loud when he saw her story.
[Superman said:] omg I bet you were the long lost power ranger. They've been searching for you!!!
Wes send the message and grinned. Whoever this girl was, she was awesome. He sent another message
[superman said:] who are you...if you're ok with saying.

Alex thinks, trying to figure out why someone had brought them all to this chat room and then just left them there. What were they supposed to be doing? What was the point of this?


Shenanigan said: I really don't know. It's all really strange


Lena yawns and pulls and blanket over her. She wished that they had been told what was going on.


ImJustKitten said: I wish I had an answer, but I don't.


Lena sighed and pushed a piece of hair out of her face.


ImJustKitten said: I'm Lena, by the way.:)

Tech_Nerd Said: I didn't say that. I'm sure it has it's own crappy parts.

Roy had never wanted to be popular, it looked a lot like work to be honest, everyone seemed to judge you more because you were "perfect" 

Tech_Nerd Said: And, I've been into computers since I was like 4, that's the only reason I know what I wanna do.


Wallflower Said: I new I wasn't crazy!!

Thea watched the other message pop up, she hesitated, there was still the knot in her stomach, afraid to tell them who she was. After all, she was just the girl who was invisible, with or without her powers. 

Wallflower Said: Thea

Indigo found herself smiling a little bit. He was such a dork but in the kind of cute way. She shook her head. Did she just think of Roy Foster as CUTE? Sophomore Indigo would have passed out at the mention of that.
[YourKindOfBlue said:] I've always wanted to be in the music industry but it isn't exactly the most reliable job...I have no idea otherwise
Indigo had a talent for music. She could write it, play it and sing like she did it in her sleep.

Wesley grinned a little
[superman said:] Thea?! No way!! It's Wesley!
He knew Thea. They weren't super good friends but they had a few classes together and as fellow outcasts, they would talk a lot during class. She was a total sweet heart but he would never expect her to have powers like everyone on the site did.

Thea stared at the screen, her mouth slightly open in shock. Wesley? 

Wallflower Said: You're kidding?! 

She felt a small smile creep onto her face, she was glad someone she kind of knew was here. 

Wallflower Said: Well, it is a small world after all. 



Tech_Nerd Said: Don't focus on practical, do whatever you want. Sides, you have one hell of an ability, bet you could do something with that. Ya know, give messages to the ICA after to look into the minds of the deadliest criminals.

He was joking of course, trying to lighten the mood, he hoped Indigo was getting that. He did not need to sound more like a nerd then he already did.  

Wesley grinned
[superman] I guess it is! Atleast I actually know someone on here
He stared at the screen. He never expected Thea to be one of them
[suoerman] you never did say what your power was!
He was curious. What amazing power could she posses? He grinned, looking at the clock. It was getting late.

Indigo got up to take her contacts out. She put on her own thick rimmed glasses and sat back down on her bed. She never wore her glasses outside of home. She read his message and actually laughed
[yourkindofblue] omg!! I could be a secret agent! B)
Indigo grinned. She looked at the time. It was late and she had to be up early for school. Oh god. School was going to be interesting.

Wallflower Said: Invisibility, the ghost people think is in the library ... that's me. 

Her eyes wondered to her purple clock on wall, and suddenly felt herself tired. She bit her lip, she wanted to stay up, but the last thing she needed was too fall alseep in class. 

Tech_Nerd Said: See! Just picture it,  Secret Agent Indigo Waters :D

Roy smiled as he typed the words and pressed enter, not sure what he was getting into or how tomorrow would go at school.

Wes laughed
[superman] no way!! You scared me so bad last week! I thought the school was haunted XD
He yawned and thought about school. Things would be different between everyone.
[superman] I'm tired. Going to bed. Night!
Wes logged off and closed his laptop. He walked upstairs and into his room. He flopped down onto his bed and fell asleep

Indigo grinned
[yourkindofblue] of course. It'll be perf. I'm sleepy. Goin to bed! Niigght!
She logged off and closed her laptop, sighing. He was much more interesting than she thought he was. She smiled a little bit and laid down to close her eyes

May I join?

Of course!!

Emilynn Marie Meyers [Emi] | 17 | Manipulation through her voice | _siren | nevaeh

Emi is very difficult to figure out. Sometimes, she's bubbly and outgoing. Other times, she's closed off and rude to those who try to talk to her. She has dozens of walls built up from her childhood. She was abandoned as a baby, and then passed, unwanted, from foster home to foster home. Finally, the state paid a family to take her in. She has huge insecurity issues and fear of being abandoned again, which is why it's so difficult to get close to her. She loves photography and reading, being a bit of a nerd.

Brennen Jonthan Evans | Eighteen | Controls electricity | help me with a username? | nevaeh

Brennen is what you think of when you hear the word "jock". He's a huge player, flirting with girls all the time and hooking up shamelessly. He thinks relationships are a waste of time and doesn't think he'll ever fall in loe. He's very intelligent but portrays himself as very dumb. He's known for saying what's on his mind without filtering it, leading him to be very rude and crude towards girls he thinks are hot. He has a bit of a temper, but has been working to keep it in check. He has a sweet side, it just takes a lot to find it.

R O Y 

The next day Roy got ready for school, a knot in his stomach from what today would be like. There was a part of him that assumed things would be different, that maybe he could approach Indigo and say hello without being laughed at, but, the stronger part of him told him he was just wishing for something that would never come true. Talking to someone is much different behind a computer screen. He took an apple for the road and headed off to school. 

T H E A 

Thea woke up, sleeping well for the first time in what felt like weeks. The night before had been something, finding out there were other people in the world - in the school - with special abilities. Some of it still felt like a dream. Plus the fact one of those people had been Wes. Although, she admits, they barley talked, it was still someone she knew more than a lot of the other kids. Too nervous to eat, Thea drove to school, one hand on the wheel the other taping nervously against the seat.


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