The Twilight Saga

Seven unfortunate teenagers stumble across a witch’s ceremony circle. These witches filled with anger and cursed the seven teenagers with the seven sins, ex. Pride, anger, hate, lust, greed and envy. Cursed forever; to walk the earth without a soul, till they’re soul mates can restore what was stolen.  

Twi-relation- The Cullen kids, Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice Emmett & Rose { Plus one } are the accursed. ** All Mortal **


 The Seven Deadly Sins


-          Judgment of having been offended, wronged or denied


-          Is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power


-          Is defined as spiritual or emotional apathy, neglecting what God has spoken, and being physically and emotionally inactive.


-          Is either a high sense of one's personal status or ego


-          is an emotional force that arises from the psychological action of thinking or fantasizing about sex


-          Is best defined as an emotion that superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.


-          Meaning to gulp down or swallow means over-indulgence.


{ Taken Characters }

Lust-  тнε ∂εαтн σf мε ☠ { Edward }

Greed- Stella  { Sutter }


Soul mates/ OC


Name- Natasha Leadermen

Age- Seventeen

Soul mate- Jasper {PRIDE}

P/B- тнε ∂εαтн σf мε ☠ 

Name:- Parker Blakely


Soulmate:- Emmett (Anger)

Played By; Stella


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Soul Mate & They're Sin:-


Sutter (Greed)

Parker Blakely


Emmett (Anger)

played by; Stella

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