The Twilight Saga

Welcome to Sky High! 

This is a place for kids that where gifted with all kinds of magical gifts to come and learn.

Your bus will pick you up each morning and fly you to the school then bring you back home.

Classes start at 8 and end at 3

on your first day of school you will find out if your a hero or a side kick

Twi relation :some are wolfs and vampires









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No ditching

Boy and Girl

Lucy Rose Heart


Lucy lives alone, even though she is only 17. He parents dont want anything to do with her, so they pay for her to live out of their house since they are rich. Lucy is also a bit of a nerd, she loves to read and always had her nose in a book. She is very hyper and loves to dance and sing. She is also a shape shifter, she can shift into any animal



Ryan James Heart


Ryan is Lucy's twin brother, and he still lives at home, though he spends most of his time at his sisters house, he praticly lives there. Ryan is a jerk and will beat the heck out of anyone who messes with his sister. He come across as a cold hearted guy but he really isnt. He has a heart you just have to find it. He like is siter is a shape shifter but cant form into different animals just a wolf



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I'll join. :)

yay thanks (:

Welcome. :)
Ill join once I get onto a computer! This was the best movie ever!

i know! AND THANKS(:

yall makje yalls characters when you can, we wont start till tomorrow (;

Arianna Marie Knight (Sometimes called Ari)


She found out she had super powers as a young child, which happen to be the control of fire. She is very calm and sweet.





Jacob Nathan Safrit


Jacob's power is that he can turn anything to ice, but he chooses not to use it, so he's put into the sidekick class. He is very gentlemenley and loves cooking. He is quiet, but not shy.





sexy beast by the name of Zayn i cant spell his middle name for the life of me Malik :P

Jawaad. :) And yes, he is, so is Niall. I probably die if I met Niall, he's the cutest thing ever. :D

I forget how to spell it cause i suck at spelling, and Niall is mine :P HIm and Loui are mine all mine


Are we going to start?


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