The Twilight Saga

Someone help me create something lol. I need something to do

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What about something based off TVD?

would u lik to do a rp on war where werewolves and witches are together v/s volturi and some werewolves on thier side pls read to to join

I dont know what that is

I'll make a role play with you :)


It's Nevaeh, btw! Do you have any ideas?

Oh heeey:)  I never see you online anymore:P  Well do you want to create something on the other site just so we have more freedom?

I've had camps and stuff
And sure!

Hey i know this is probably weird and you dont have to tell me if you dont want to, but  have been looking for another rp site, one like this except without all the rules, so if you know of one i would love to join, :)


This is the one I use:)

Oooh ok thankyou! I've been looking for other rp sites ^_^


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