The Twilight Saga

A vampire war drives the vulturi to split the vampire race in half,This brought extreme conflict between the volturi members, this also lead to the Vultori spliting into two groups as well, Some vampires chose to follow Aro and Jane, and soon became known as the D.A.R.K, The few who followed Caius, Alec and a strong vampire name Lyzand became what is currently know as L.I.G.H.T, the war caused many vampires to die, soon both sides expanded and excepted other creatures, DARK taking anything that is demonic and is full of hate, LIGHT taking those who they can trust to fight to the death and stay loyal to them.

Years past and the war finally subsided, but things were far from over, Each side had lost almost everyone but their leaders, both needed time to recover. Lyzend fell in love with an elf women name Arawen, and soon they settled down and tried to live a normal life even though that a vampire and a elf were not alike in any way, they found a way to make things work, They had two kids, twins, Constantine and Aristotle  but light was not the only side that had people trying to settle down and have families, Aro and Jane's successor, Morkido, Fell in love with a mortal and had a son named Evadin, Times had changed slightly, a group of rebel vampires put fuel on flames that should have been burnt out.

Sent by Aro, Morkido lead an attack on the LIGHT facilities his main target was Lyzend and his family, At this time his son Evadin was only 7 years of age, two years older than Lyzend's two kids. Arawen and Lyzend fought to protect Constantine and Aristotle, but when one mistake occurred its costed them dearly, Aristotle was kidnapped by DARK and was taken away, Arawen placed a sacred blessing on Constantine to keep her safe from morkido's attack's, Called the Elysian curse, Her taking the time to do this costed Arawen her life, Morkido couldn't touch Constantine, no matter how hard he tried, his attacks proved to be ineffective, Morkido retreated and Lyzend  realised all that he had lost in that fight, he was determined to keep the only thing he had left safe and hidden.

Lyzend went into hiding with all of the other members of the light counsel. Constantine was now 12, and DARK attacked again, this time taking the only thing That Constantine held near to her, her father. The last thing she remembers was seeing Evadin for the second time in her life, him looking at her with so much sorrow in his eyes as he stood watch, she had seen him one other time when her brother was captured, doing the same thing. She was able to get away from morkido again and vowed that day to avenge her family and to never stop fighting for as long as she lived. She was placed into the Care of Coran her father's best friend and a war general of LIGHT. He trained her to be ready for everything and anything, for her father left her this war and it will be hers to control when she turns the age of seventeen. Constantine always will remember the boy who stood watch and didnt help nor attack, she will never forget him, ever.

Now 16, Constantine has not forgotten anything, nightmares terrorize her, all of the days that she lost everything and for what purpose? For a stupid army to show their strength and power, A fatal mistake...






Very wise, strong, hard headed, she is shy but won't let her guard down and never will.



Constantine's bestfriend, strong, a good fighter and very loyal.



Luciel( Caius's Son)










guardian of constantine



coran's daughter



Evadin~Chased dreams Haunted Nightmares


shy, loyal, but wants peace not to fight.



outgoing, hates to get his father (Morkido) mad, He has no knowledge of his past, or of his twin sister on the other side of the war.He is different than everyone else in DARK but he he doesn't know why yet.




Betrothed to Evadin









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Solstice- I sent a messenger to light to find Coran, once he got the message, he would make an excuse to get the elf alone, to go will him, then he will unleash a siren and a harpie on her, elves are skilled but not when the odds are against them.

Aristotle- I was looking for my brother, i saw my father being taken to a cell, he practically pleaded for me to help him. I tuned him out and took off running, I saw Evadin with a bunch of soldiers around him, I pulled out my sword waiting for him to make the first move.

Evadin- I glanced to my side and saw my brother. Even though he was never by blood my brother, he'd always be the closest person to me. "Are you ready?" I asked an he nodded before I pulled out my sword. Thoughts ran like crazy through my head, but I quieted them and just took a deep breath before plunging into the crowd and swinging skillfully, I had to survive this. I had too much to do

Aristotle- I covered him, we were both skilled with swords, easily killing the soldiers or making them retreat and give up while they still could. Evadin and I then took off towards the stables, where most of the freed elves were standing at the ready.

Coran- I glader brought me a message from morkido, the plan is now in action, I then looked for Constantine, this would be to easy.

Evadin- I sprint off to the barn and grabbed Romeo, who seemed to know what was going on and was ready. I pointed quickly to horses that the elves could jump on as we all took off running to the portal. I had to find Constantine

Constantine- I was practicing archery barbcack, on shadow, I heard galloping in the coming from behind me, Shadow seemed to get tense and antsy, he was acting as if there was a need to run or fight. What was going on? I patted him on the neck trying to reassure him but it didn't work, he started to paw the ground. " Shadow, what's wrong?" I asked.

Aristotle- I was riding right beside Evadin, I could believe what we were doing, we were crazy but we are doing the right thind, aren't we? We were looking for Constantine, what if something happens?

Evadin- We all flew through the portal and I found Constantine right away. I yanked Romeo to a stop and jumped off him, running to her and pulling her off her horse, then squeezing her into a tight hug and taking a deep breath. I was still covered in blood and dirt, but I was so happy she was okay. "Have you heard anything? Had coran announced anything are you okay?" My mind was racing as I shot questions at her.

Constantine- " No Coran hasn't announced anything, a glader went riding by about a hour ago, but nothing has happened." I was so happy that Evadin was safe, but I knew that this wasn't over, not by a long shot. Shadow, was still acting up, he was throwing his head around and turning around in circles.

Evadin- I glanced at shadow and frowned a little bit "Does he always do that? " I asked before I heard a whooshing noise behind me. I spun around but I was too late, the arrow stuck atleast three inches into my chest, shoving me backwards and knocking the wind out of me. When I looked up, my vision was blurry but I thought I saw the outline of a man. Was that Coran? I took a step forward but the shooter let loose another arrow that missed mearly because I fell to the ground in a small pool of my blood before passing out.

Constantine- I frantically looked at Evadin, who was on the ground outcold and bleeding from his chest, and Coran who had shot him. I was horrified, Coran reloaded his bow and was glaring at me, " Coran? wha-" I couldnt finish he shot the arrow at me, I ducked just in time and said a chant in elvish that made the wind send him flying. I pulled Evadin onto shadow and then mounted shadow myself, Aristotle had mounted his horse and had grabbed Romeo by the reins. We galloped off into the woods, I had only one goal and that was to keep Evadin safe, he had saved my life multiple times now its my turn to save him. We found an old war bunker. I got Evadin inside with the help of Aristotle, we lied him down, and I heard Coran yelling.

Coran- I had followed them with ease," You think that you escape me that easily. Come out and fight princess, your little boy toy can't save you now can he?" I mocked, I was going to kill her and i was going to be sure that Evadin and Aristotle get to see her suffer.

Evadin- I floated in and out of consciousness, catching bits and pieces of conversation and lots of movement before I was laid down on something cold. By that time, I felt drained and my half vampire body was screaming at me to do something about the blood I didn't have. I groaned loudly as my throat felt like it was burnt and being rubbed with sandpaper. I leaned up on my elbows and yanked the arrow out, screeching, but kept going. I was so happy my body was still working, because I was furious. I was going to kill Coran and drain him dry. I stood, my eyes turning a fiery red as I bared my canines "Cover me. " is all I said as I limped to the large door to open it.

Constantine- I couldn't argue with him, he looked so furious, Aristotle did as he said, I knew i had to protect the ones I love but i fear the only way to do that is to unleash the power of my amulet. I put my hand on my father's amulet and I looked at the windows, I now had my bow raised, ready to shoot if Coran harms Evadin.

Aristotle- This was crazy I couldn't believe my eyes right now, my twin sister who I had just seen for the first time in forever, is now fighting for her life. I may not be that great of a brother but I will protect her and Evadin with I have. I had some throwing daggers on me, I ran up the steps of the bunker and found a window, preparing to fire. 

Evadin- I took a deep breath before barging out of the bunker and looking straight at coran's bow. Luckily, a dagger whizzed by my head an hit his hand, letting his bow land on the ground. I grinned and laughed lightly "Today is the day you die and I will take your place. " I said before tackling him and sinking my large canine into his neck. I hoped Constantine wasn't looking because I was ravenous with hunger.


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