The Twilight Saga

This is your Summer Dream Vacation.

One Summer. One cabin. One lake. 16 teenagers. 8 girls. 8 guys. Four bedrooms.
Welcome to the summer vacation of your dreams. You will be staying in a beautiful cabin, in a gorgeous forest, on wonderful lake. You will be having the time of your life doing exciting activities like singing around a gorgeous campfire, boating, jet skiing, tubing, yoga, fishing, hunting, etc! This is a chance in a lifetime. You make friends, you will make enemies, you may even make a beautiful relationship. This will be an adventure of drama, happiness, sorrow, love and fun. Here's a catch, you will be staying in the same cabin and possibly same room as another person of another species, and also there are only 4 bedrooms and each have two beds, 2 boys and 2 girls will be in each room. It is up to you who sleeps in the same bed as you. Each bedroom has a balcony that connects with all the other bedrooms. This is going to be the best vacation ever.

TWILIGHT RELATION: There will be vampires and werewolves staying in this cabin.

This is a remake of the last one because people ditched before we began the R.P. So if you do join, please do not leave or at least tell me if you are.
1. Do not join, then ditch, it's rude. If you do not want to stay in the R.P. let me know and tell me why.
2. You MUST create a boy & a girl. You MAY have up to 4 characters, and keep it even.
3. No Out of Character drama please, In character drama is good and will keep the R.P. interesting.
4. Please do not ignore someone if they are trying to talk to you or your character.
5. If you are going to be gone a few days, let me know so we can think ahead.
6. Ask for a crush, do not assume.
7. At least two lines, and starters must be at least 4. Just don't write a whole novel as a reply.
8. Ask about hybrids.
9. Follow all TTS rules.
10. There are absolutely NO humans in this role play.
11. Have fun(: If you read these, put "Keep Breathing. Keep Loving." in you reply before adding your charries.

Use My bio's as examples for Personality/Bio
|| Full Name | Played By || Nicknames(If any) || Age Looks(Real Age, if different) || Species || Power(s)/Gift(s) || Bedroom || Love Interest(s) (If in a relationship, state so) || Personality/Bio || Other || Face Claim ||
Looks (2 gifs or 2 Pictures or 1 of each.)

Bedroom 1 [ FULL ]: Jane(sail.), Dorian(Pewds),  Brad(Warrior), Trevor(Pewds)
Bedroom 2 [FULL] : Drew(sail.), Emmaline(Asking Alexandria), Lucas(Neverland Giant), Danielle(Perry)
Bedroom 3 [ FULL ]: Kody(sail.), Carter(Asking Alexandria),  Ariel(Warrior),  Arlette(Neverland Giant)
Bedroom 4 [ FULL ]: Ali(sail.),  Lucy(Warrior),  Mason(Perry),  Ryan(Warrior)

| | C h a r a c t e r s | |

|| Alaska Bre-Anne Barnes | sail. || Ali || 1 6 || Werewolf || None other than turning into a wolf || Bedroom 4 || To Be Announced || Ali is a sweet, bubbly loud kind of girl once you open her up. She seems kind of quiet when you first, first meet her, but once you talk to her, you see how much she loves to make friends and be around people. She is such a sweet heart. Back home she is one of the popular girl due to her clothing collection, which is to die for, her beautiful hair and styling skills, and her wonderful personality. || She is on the gymnastics and dance team back home. || Acacia Brinley-Clark ||


|| Andrew Bryce Anderson | sail || Drew(ONLY) || 1 9 (2 0 3) || Half Demon-Half Wizard || He can read thoughts and speak to others through thoughts. || Bedroom 2 || To Be Announced || Drew comes off as a jerk when you first meet him, but once you get to know him and get under his skin, you'll see he isn't much of a jerk at all, he's actually really nice. Drew also love to be sarcastic so expect a lot of sarcasm out of him. Back home he was very popular in high school, but when he graduated and moved out, he didn't realize how hard life would be. || Drew loves surfing, and basketball and soccer. || Connor Franta ||


|| Jane Maryssa Cope | sail. || Jay || 1 8 (2 2) || Witch || She casts spells || Bedroom 1 || To Be Announced || Jane is the type of girl who does whatever she wants. She doesn't follow orders for what people tell her to do and she doesn't care. She loves just to do whatever she wants. She likes being the bad girl. At home Jane is known as a trouble maker, she got into 5 different physical fights with other girls and beat the living crap out of them all. || Jane is an MMA fighter in her pass time. || Ashley Benson ||


Dakota George Anderson | sail. || Dak, Kota, Kody || 1 9 (2 0 3) || Half Vampire-Half Wizard || He can control water and fire. || Bedroom 3 || To be announced || Kody is a very quiet guy until you open his up and get him to talk. Then he's loud, exciting and fun. At home he was fairly popular in high school, but he only had 3 close friends, which he's still close to. He lives in his own apartment now and has his own job working at a bar. || He is Drew's twin brother. || Connor Franta ||


|| Dorian Benward || Pewds || Dori || Seventeen || Shapeshifter || Shapeshifting || Bedroom 1 || TBD || Dorian is a charmer. She's funny, sarcastic, and has that edge to her that makes it easy to make friends. She's not one to be nice or a total sweetheart, but she can come around easily. She's also a huge tomboy, but she acts kind of girls sometimes. Back at home, she's one of the smartest kids in school, but it's hard to believe because of her personality. || Kaya Scodelario ||


|| Trevor McCormick || Pewds || Trey, Trev || Eighteen (347) || Vampire || Elements || Bedroom 3 || TBD || Trevor is a laid back guy with a mysterious persona. He can crack a smile, but he's mostly serious at times. He doesn't like the whole, 'sharing a room with people' idea, because he doesn't like to let people get too close to him. He has trust issues, but once you earn his trust, you want regret it. || Evan Peters ||


|| Arlette Jones| NeverlandGiant || Arty || 18 || Shapeshifter(The Supernatural kind ;D) || Can take on another person's physical appearance and access the thoughts of any living person she mimics, scrambling the brain of the original being. || 1 || TBA || Arlette is snarky, sly, clever beyond her years and can be a cruel. But she's the most loyal friend you'll ever have. She uses her powers to trick people and she'll admit, she isn't always using them for good. She loves screwing with social situations. If theres a secret she wants to know, she'll mimic them and boom. Access of their thoughts. || It's not hard to over power her physically but what she will do to your mind is much worse.|| Cher Lloyd ||


|| Lucas Thom | NeverlandGiant || Luke || 17(242) || vampire || Create forcefields that block physical, mental, and magical powers || 2 || Tba || Luke is probably the sweetest person you will ever meet. He would never hurt a fly and goes to the end of the world for his friends. He always tries to make people smile or laugh. If you're upset, Luke is the one to go to because he will make you smile. He is constantly cracking jokes and being sarcastic. He took in Arlette as almost his sister and is the complete opposite. || Luke has a genius IQ and always has his face in some sort of mythology or philosophy book || Francisco Lachowski ||


|| Lucy Grace Matthews| Warrior || Lu || 17 (208) || vampire || She can control the elements || 4 || TBA || Lucy is different than most girls, she is very hyper and loud, she isnt a mean girl and never really has been. she loves to read. She is very scary for a vampire and never leaves her sisters side. she also isnt very fashionable she loves her Toms and tshirts.|| She is Ariel's twin || Lucy Hale||


| Ariel Lynn Matthews| Warrior || Lynn || 17 (208) || Vampire || she can make people see stuff that isnt there || Bedroom 4 || TBA || Ariel is nothing like her sister, she is tough and isnt scared to fight if she needs to, though she wont ever start a fight. She is very protective of her sister. She loves using her gift on people just to see their reaction to it. || Lucy's twin || Selena Gomez ||


|| Ryan Raines | Warrior || None || 18 || Wolf || shapes shift into a wolf || 3 || TBA || Ryan is a painter and isnt really a people person, he prefers to stay locked up in his room all day. When he does come around he tries to separate himself from the others. He is a caring guy and will defend those he loves|| || Zayn Malik||


|| Brad Marks| Warrior || None || 19 || Wizzard || SPells || 2 || TBA || Brad is loud and very much alive, he loves to tell jokes and pull pranks, he gets in trouble a lot for the stuff he pulls. He can be a ladies man as well, though he is also very sweet and a huge romantic || || Louis Tomlinson ||


|| Danielle Johnson | Perry the Platypus || Dani || 17 || Siren || Can make others do what she wants ||Bedroom 2 II TBD || Danielle tends to be quiet. She isn't a fan of her powers and she doesnt like to use them so she stays quiet. Back home she is a nerd. She is super focused on school and is very smart. People don't realize that she is actually very good at sports. Danielle likes to observe people. She usually carries around a notebook with her that she write things about other people in. || She loves to surf and do gymnastics and go paddle boarding || Shailene Woodley ||


|| Mason Williams | Perry the Platypus || Mase || 18 || Werewolf || Turns into a wolf || Bedroom 4 II TBD || Mason has lived in the same house, same town for his entire life. He hardly ever travels so when he got the chance to do this he jumped at it. He is very cocky and arrogant but fun to be around. He is a charmer and a ladies man. That is all just a wall that he builds up because he has been hurt before and he doesnt want to be hurt again. If you actually get to know him he is very sweet and kind and caring. He has a huge temper and is a total jock. || He loves just about every sport there is || Zac Efron||


Emmaline Renee Wintersll XDAskingAlexandriaDX ll Em, Emma ll 18ll Mermaid ll telekinesis (the ability to move objects with your mind) ll bedroom 2ll Drew?ll Emmaline is super social, but not an open person. She's manipulative and controlling. She never knows what to do in a difficult situation. Emmaline knows how to get what she wants when she wants it. In other words, she's spoiled.ll random girl person.


Carter Alexander Wintersll XDAskingAlexandriaDX ll none ll 19ll demon ll manipulate, shape shifter ll bedroom 3 ll TBA ll Carter is very shy and sarcastic. He doesn't listen to anyone, but wishes someone would be there for him. He's very protective of his sister, but of course, in a sarcastic way ll random boy person.ll

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You can put mine anywhere I don't care

These are the bedroom assignments.

Bedroom 1 [ FULL ]: Jane(sail.), Dorian(Pewds),  Brad(Warrior), Trevor(Pewds)
Bedroom 2 [FULL] : Drew(sail.), Emmaline(Asking Alexandria), Lucas(Neverland Giant), Danielle(Perry)
Bedroom 3 [ FULL ]: Kody(sail.), Carter(Asking Alexandria),  Ariel(Warrior),  Arlette(Neverland Giant)
Bedroom 4 [ FULL ]: Ali(sail.),  Lucy(Warrior),  Mason(Perry),  Ryan(Warrior)

Starting tonight!

ok sounds good ^_^



| Ali |
She arrives at the airport looking around for the man who had the Lycole Cabin sign. She sees him and smiles waving to him. She walks up to him and says, "Hi I'm Alaska Barnes, I'm going to Lycole Cabin for the summer." She shakes his hand and waits for the other people with him as they arrive. Once everyone has arrived she follows the man to the limousine that will be taking them to a town and then they have different transportation taking them to the cabin. She gets in the limo and sits in the very front next to a few boys. She puts her purse on her lap and waits to leave. She is wearing a pair of black legging with a high to low infinity top. Her shoes are black combat boots and her hair is curled at the ends.

| Jane |
She arrives at the airport wearing a pair of running shorts and a cute tiger striped tank top. She sees the Lycole Man and walks up introducing herself. She follows everyone to the limo and sits close to the door next to a girl and a boy. She sits and listens to her music as they begin to drive to the town.

| Drew&Kody |
They arrive together walking over to the Lycole man and see a few ladies. They smile charmingly to them and Drew looks at Emmaline. He smiles to her and says, "Hi I'm Drew." He shakes her hand gently and follows them to the limo. Kody sees Lucy and walks over to her smiling. He walks with her to the limo and sits next to her. He looks over at her, "Hi, I'm Dakota, but you can call me Kody." He smiles and and looks over at the other people, then back at Lucy.

Hey guys, sorry about the short starter, I'm kind of dead in my RP mind right now so I didn't know how to start haha.

Arlette walked through the airport and found the man holding the sign up. She introduced herself and got into the limo. She sat next to a girl. She popped her gum and looked around at everyone with a sly smile. She saw some flirting going on and decided that it was going to be fun to trick people with her power. She popper her gum loudly and leaned back, looking out the window. She didn't expect to find any love but this was going to be fun.

Luke followed Arlette into the limo and shot her a glare. He could tell she was forming a plan in her mind. She gave him a look and he just shook his head. He looked around at everyone and smiled at a blond girl (Jane). Everyone looked really nice. He planned on warning them about Arlette and her tricks. She was a nice girl really but she could be full of herself. He sighed and looked out the window.

Jane sees Luke look at her and smile. She smiles back, they were separated by two people. She sighs and listens to her music bobbing her head to the beat. She smiles to herself when she feels his stare. When the limo stops she looks out the window and sees a stoplight.

Danielle arrived at the place that everyone was meeting. She walked over to the sign and listened to the guy tell her where to go. She got into the limo and sat in the back. She immediately pulled out her notebook and she started to watch the people. She took note of their appearances first as she would get personality and quirks later throughout the week. Danielle was wearing a pair of dark denim shorts, paired with a pale blue tank top. She was also wearing a silver necklace on a very long chain. She had on a pair of black gladiator sandals and her hair was braided to the side

Mason drove his car to the meeting spot. He walked up to the guy at the desk and shook his hand "I'm mason" he said smiling. The man directed him to the limo. Mason got into the limo and sat on one of the side seats. "Hey guys I'm mason" he said putting up his hand and giving a slight wave. He sat back and looked around the limo. He noticed a girl in the front with a purse on her lap and a girl popping her gum and another girl writing this done in a little journal. He looked at the guys and smiled around the limo.

Luke watched the blond girl. She was incredibly beautiful. He titled his head to the side and smiled a little bit. She caught him staring and instead of looking away awkwardly, he made a silly face. Making her laugh was definitely a good first impression.

Arlette looked at the guy with the brown hair. Mason. He was cute. She smiled a little bit "Arlette" She simply said with a small nod. He looked at her, glanced away and then looked back. When he wasn't looking, Arlette had mimicked his appearance so when he looked back, he was staring at an exact clone of himself

People ditched again :(


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