The Twilight Saga

now when the all superheroes in earth decide to go back to their planets only some remain in earth while seeing the chance vampires and draculas come to earth and if they come that means werewolves need to come to protect humans bt when remaining heroes doesnot support even the werewolves as they also r a threat only so the fight begins and spiderman goes to find all the othr heroes

CREATE your own vampires with supernatural ability or werewolf or in the gud team choose any superheroes known till date ex- green lantern or caiptain america or anyy

                                                                  Iron Man

                                                              Man Of Steel

                                                           the spiderman 

                                               leader of werewolves DRAVEN HART 

                                                        leader of vampires      

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join pls 

Is ther gonna be any romance ? :)

u can create character for any hero ur choice


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