The Twilight Saga

Harry Styles, the curly haired, green eyed, dimple, baby faced, British lad in the most famous boyband in the world: One Direction. After coming out about being with fellow bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, they've been inseparable and the cutest couple ever! About 2 years later. all of One Direction were in a massive car crash, all surviving except for Louis(I NEVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!! IT'S JUST A ROLEPLAY!!). Harry is depressed for the next couple of months, not wanting to be a part of the new album since they gave him all of Louis' solos. After a year Harry finally goes to the recording studio with the other lads and as soon as he sings Louis' part of the song he sees him, the 19-21 year old version of him ... after that he starts wondering if he's gone crazy or if Louis is actually watching him. He did everything he could to see Louis but he never talked, just stared at him with a sad look in his eyes...What does he want? Why does he looks so sad? Is he a ghost? Has Harry finally gone mad? And why is Louis there anyway? The only way Harry can cope with all of this talking to the moon every night, hoping it'll bring him closer to Louis or maybe even can help him talk...



Joining Form:


Name | Age | Species | Role In The Story | Crush/In Love With | Extra | P/B



Harold "Harry" Edward Styles | 21 Years Young | Human | I don't think I have to explain | In Love With Louis </3 | Used to be a nice, loveable and funny cheeky lad(black & white gif) and is now a depressed, "crazy", sassy, rude brit that talks to the moon every night and sees Louis' ghost | Me

Louis William Tomlinson | 24 Years Young/Looks 19-21 | Ghost | Do I really have to explain? | In Love With Harry </3 | Used to be the jokester and sweetheart in One Direction(colored gif) then died in a car crash and is now a ghost(black and white), watching Harry and is trying to talk but can't...Everytime Harry talks to the moon, he becomes stronger and starts to utter a few words | Infinite Love

Niall James Horan | 22 Years Young | Human | ... | In Love With My Crazy Mofos <33 | Used to be Louis' crazy sidekick and the cute, loveable little irish lad everyone loved(top gif) until the car crash Niall's been hiding it with smiles and laughs but inside, he's dying every day without his best friend by his side.. | Me

Liam James Payne | 22 Years Young | Human | In Love With Sophia <3 | Was always Daddy Direction or the "serious one" but could be really funny at times especially with Louis(top gif) but after the car crash, Liam's basically shut down and distanced himself from everyone except Sophia and his bandmates..he has almost every lilo picture/gif saved on every electronic device he has(bottom gif) | Shruti

Zain "Zayn" Javaad Malik | 22 Years Young | Human | In Love With Perrie <3 | He was always the mysterious Zayn who was "vain". He could be crazy when he wants to and serious sometimes to but his smile would make girls' hearts melt(top gif). After the car crash, the only one who he actually talked to was Perrie and every now and then he would have a break down always saying "I like girls who eat carrots" (bottom gif) | Shruti

Perrie Louise Edwards || 21 Years Young || Human || In Love with Zayn <3|| Perrie has always been a talented young girl and she has always had a heart of gold. She loved to joke around and have fun with Zayn and the lads, especially Louis-He was like an older brother to her(top gif). After the car crash, she had become worried for the lads-especially Harry, who was the most changed. She has tried to be there for them all, and talk to Zayn as much as possible. Deep down she is hurting as well and mourning for Louis(bottom gif). || Infinite Love


RULES(Thought I forgot, huh? xD)

1) Follow the TTS RP guidelines/Rules

2) No cussing(gonna be so hard for me xD) or sexual activity in this RP(sadly x3 LMFAO JK)

3) No rude remarks about any of the band members, Larry or One Direction itself

4) No out of RP drama

5) I LOOOVE when ppl RP with gifs, you don't have to do it all the time but if you find a gif that's PERFECT for your reply then PUT IIIIT :D

6) 2 Or more ppl(doesn't have to be boy and girl)


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i think we should
cut sophia :P

:o noo cx I can be her :P

i think only 3 ppl r in the rp playing all the roles.:P

Cuz there's not that many ppl active on here anymore :/

Did we start yet?

No but we might


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