The Twilight Saga

Everyone has to tame their flames with the color RED, but in this case, love is all that compels it, that, and forgiveness, trust, loyalty, happiness, guilt, sorriness, and most importantly, passion.

The stories of multiple couples, bound by the chains of healing, will start out with flames higher than their egos, but can they tame their flames with love?

Can they Tame the Flames with the Color RED?

[ A Couples RolePlay <3 ]

TWILIGHT RELATION: Includes Species Such As Vampires and Werewolves, Setting Is In Forks, Washington. 

[ Some Characters Are Human, Some Are Not ! ]


STORY ONE: Jane & Calvin

ENTITLED: The Psychotic Merge

COUPLE LABEL: 'Those' Mentally Unstable Lovebirds

SETTING: Mental Asylum 

CRACKSHIP: Kaya Scodelario & Evan Peters 

|| [ Jane & Calvin's story isn't particularly... normal. Jane & Calvin are one in the same though; they're both pretty crazy. It was pretty much 'love at first sight' for them, considering, to Calvin, she was the only beautiful being there, same thing with Jane. There aren't many younger people that are held in the mental asylum, so all they have is one another. Calvin does have alot of difficulties with Jane, though, as Jane's illness is more unstable than his own. She's emotionally out of control, and most times, Calvin can handle it, but there are moments when he can't. Their cells are right beside one another, so they always whisper to one another at night when they can. Together, they want to escape the asylum, so they can be together without the huge barrier between them. ] || 

Jane Camille Gillian || Eighteen || Human ||  Played By ;; Me

Jane was first diagnosed with this 'uncommon' illness of hers when she became a Fallen Angel, which was the period that was filled with depression, PTS. Jane had the sense of someone was out to get her, someone bad, so everytime she'd have her suppositions, she'd just hunt them down, and slaughter them, feeling safer and safer the more she got rid of them. But in the end, she was only killing innocent humans, but before she could stop, she was caught, brought to trial, the whole lot, and was sentence to life in a mental asylum.   

Calvin Gregory Quinton || Twenty-One || Human || Played By ;; TAKEN [ ♫ LizzyBear. ♪ ]

Calvin was born to be crazy, literally. His mother was diagnosed with Bi-Polar which was hereditary, and so, Calvin was automatically diagnosed with Bi-Polar, but the worst kind a person could get. Calvin first started acting up when he was about seven, he'd just get into fights with kids for no apparent reason, and he'd scream and range at his teachers, it had gotten worse when he started getting physical with them when he was ten. Screaming is not what he likes to hear when it's directed to him, it easily sets him off. Then, when he was about sixteen, that's when it all went down. The years before he'd been acting as if he weren't himself, and then and just darkened when he and his mother had gotten into an argument about his behavior, and he just lost it and attempted to strangle his mother before his father had to tear him away from her. Once Calvin had came to his senses, he was on a bus, going to Forks' Mental Asylum for Supernaturals. The worst thing about the whole thing, he didn't even know he was Bi-Polar, or had a personality illness, he had to find out at the Asylum.

STORY TWO: Zac, Ella, & Damion 

ENTITLED: Passion Or Friends?

COUPLE LABEL: The Three Musketeers 

SETTING: Everyday Life

CRACKSHIP: Chace Crawford, Emma Stone, & Ian Somerhalder 

|| [ Zac, Ella, & Damion have been best friends ever since they were in Kindergarten, and have been doing everything together. They've been attending to the same schools since then, and even plan to go to the same college, but one thing is stopping both Zac, and Damion; they're in love with Ella. Ella though, just thinks of Zac and Damion as brothers, friends, companions, but at times, she does wonder if she likes one of them, or even both of them, but pushes away her feelings because she doesn't want to ruin their trio. ] ||  

Zac Tristan Asher ||  Eighteen ||  Hybrid ||  Played By ;; TAKEN [ Olivia™ ]

Zac has grown up to be a very charming guy, and a huge gentlemen, but he is still the outcast he's always comfortable in being, because with Ella, it's always about being different, so he'd rather be different than labeled as some popular kid. Zac loves Ella, but he absolutely knows, for a fact, that Damion feels the same way about her. He has a huge feeling that Damion is going to try and take her away from him when he has the chance, and Zac doesn't want to stick around for that moment to come.

Ella Denise Gerlads || Seventeen || Hybrid || Played By ;; TAKEN [ S t e l l a™ ]

Ella is a bubbly, charismatic girl, and she loves to make a fool out of herself, being a laugh to others makes her life joyful than what it already is. She's realized that she's been blessed with two amazing buddies, and she couldn't ask for anything more, people who are the same as she was. Around the area of Forks where she lives, people aren't known for having Hybrid children, so she was always teased for being different, and when she met Zac and Damion, Hybrids such as herself, she didn't feel alone anymore, and she became more comfortable with being who she was. Ella now, feels that their friendship is in danger, because she suspects that Damion and Zac have feelings for her, and she isn't sure how to handle something like that.

Damion Vincent Gray || Eighteen || Hybrid || Played By ;; TAKEN [ Summer Love ]

Damion is the mysterious bad boy out of the trio, but in it, he's just very laid back, out in the open, and goofy. Being born a Hybrid has made him toughen up over the years, which is why he appears to be a threat to most people, even if he still hung out around Ella and Zac. Though of his difference from everyone else, alot of girls still find him attractive, but all Damion wants is Ella. He knows that Ella thinks of him as just a friend, but he believes he can change that. He also knows that Zac likes how, he can tell by they way he looks at her. But even though their best buds, Damion wont let Zac get to Ella, not before he does. 

STORY THREE: Kacee, Kylie, & Thomas

ENTITLED: Watch Out For The Third One...

COUPLE LABEL [ Kacee & Kylie ]: Cutest Couple (In School)

SETTING: Everyday Life

CRACKSHIP: Nick Roux, Naomi Scott, & Nicholas Hoult

|| [ Kacee & Kylie have known one another for as long as time itself. They've been together for centuries, and they never plan to be apart. Everyone loves the couple because they wish they had the relationship that Kacee & Kylie do, it's just something so rare, no one has ever seen a love so strong like that. And then, when Kacee & Kylie move to Forks to start over their 'human' lives, they meet Thomas, a fellow vampire like themselves, who looked like he could be a great company to them. Thomas, though, instantly feels a connection with Kylie, and wants to be with her, but it's an impossible mission when he discovers how long Kylie & Kacee have been together. Thomas then builds a hatred so red for Kacee, he wishes to destroy him. Things get complicated, and as time goes on, Thomas gets more reckless, more in love, more heartbroken, and his heartbreak leads to rage and insanity. So slowly, he plans to kidnap Kylie. and take her away from Kacee, so he could have her for himself... ] ||

'Kacee' Jonathan William Smith || Five-Hundred-Nine [ Seventeen ] || Vampire || Played By ;; TAKEN [ S t e l l a™ ]

Kacee, but back in the day, known as Jonathan, is a sweetheart and treats everyone with respect. He's learned to be cool and sarcastic, and a bit cocky, but it's more of an act around the humans. It wouldn't be said that Kacee is popular, but he is very known and has many friends. He's very intelligent in school, of course, and is very generous. Kace is madly in love with Kylie, he has ever since he's met her three centuries ago. When he saw her, he knew that she was the most beautiful thing he's ever laid eyes on, he had to make her his. Then, he was selfish, as he had wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, so before she turned seventeen, he turned her. Sure it was rough at first, but they've been going strong. Kacee confines in Thomas, and finds him to be a very good friends, he'd never once thought that he would ever have feelings for Kylie.

'Kylie' Sylvia Joan Malone-Smith || Three-Hundred-Two [ Sixteen ] || Vampire || Played By ;; Me

Kylie, known as Sylvia long ago, was a hard to get young women. She learned all about men from her mother, and took her word for it, considering the fact that her father had left her mother to fend for and raise a child herself. 'Men were tricky blokes, so be careful'", she'd say, so she acted as if every man that looked her way and wanted her attention, were nothing more than dolls to play with. Until Kacee came along, and she couldn't help but fall under his spell. Though, when discovered that he was a vampire that changed her into one, she was angered, depressed. But through the anger, Kacee was her rock, so she learned and settled and then became comfortable. Kylie does wish that she could have had children and had grown old, she would dread being apart from the love of her life. 

Thomas Gregory Barnes || Four-Hundred-Eighteen [ Nineteen ] || Vampire || Played By ;; OPEN! [Being Subbed By Summer Love ]

Thomas was always a gentlemen, he cared for others and took care of them as if they were his own, a generous soul he was. He was a hopeless romantic when he was a little younger than fourteen, until love just broke every sane piece he had in his being and he fell for the wrong women. And the worst one to come, had. A women by the name of June had used him on the night of his 19th birthday, and because of her longing, she then bit him, turning him into a monster, never to return. Thomas had spent decades alone, angry, depressed beyond words, and went on a different perspective of life. He was the total opposite of who Thomas Barnes originally was. Now, his past has come to haunt him when he meets Kylie, a beautiful girl, a girl that fits his very broken heart, but sees that she is with someone else, someone Thomas thinks who doesn't deserve her....

STORY FOUR: Ronnie & Silas 

ENTITLED: The 'Proposal'


SETTING: Everyday Life

CRACKSHIP: Demi Lovato & Hunter Parrish

|| [ This story, is one of the craziest yet. Ronnie & Silas, have never talked, never seen, and never have even met each other in their entire lives, until Ronnie's 18th birthday party. Surprise, surprise, instead of getting a new car, she's getting a husband. The surprise had shocked not only Ronnie, but Silas as well, and immediately they know they are complete opposites from one another, not to mention Silas being six years older than her. To make matters even worse, Ronnie is a Mai [ Ancient Cat Species ] and Silas is a werewolves, and cats and dogs don't mesh well. They loath one another, and can't stand being in each other's company. They're go through  fights beyond their words, fights beyond compare, and disgust, isn't even the word that they would describe when they see each other. So, how are they going to make this marriage work? ] || 

Ronnie Veronica Hunters-Michelson || Eighteen || Mai || Played By ;; TAKEN [ Olivia™ ]

Ronnie is the best thing a person could have in their life. She's a breath of fresh air and a good  person to be around. She's very humorous  and her style is very unique. She loves being strong and independent for who she is, because she did have alot of problems with her figure, and was teased for it all her life, even now. Being a teenager, Ronnie likes to flirt around a bit, but she just wants to flirt, she doesn't want a boyfriend until she'd meet the right guy, like any girl would want. And so she met that 'right guy' on what was suppose to be the best moment of her life that took a turn for the worst moment of her life. Her parents had authorized with Silas' parents that they'd be arranged to be married, right in front of her friends too. Ronnie hasn't been more deprived of her self being ever since Silas entered her life. It was like freshman through senior year with him, a boy who'd just run his mouth about how she wasn't a size 0 like the other prettier girls. Her life's being dragged right back into hell.

Silas Zachary Michelson || Twenty-Four || Werewolf || Played By ;; Me

Silas. Silas. Silas. A huge money maker because of his wealthy parents, a grown man-child, indeed. He's a huge player, and cares for no one except himself, the typical personality of a snobby rich kid. Background was apparently completely irrelevant [ as his parents had told him ] towards arranging an unauthorized marriage [ between the two fiancee's ] and making it authorized by their guardians... something like that should have crossed Silas' mind when his parents had mentioned it, but it was just something that came into one ear, and quickly flew out of the other, and when the time had came, he was completely devastated. Never, did he want to be married in his life, because loving a women was non-existent to him, and loving Ronnie, was never going to happen, especially because he did not like what she was, and who she was, what she looked like, what she smelled, like, what she laughed like, what she talked like, the whole list. What Silas did not know, was that his parents had been good friends with Ronnie's parents for years, yet they haven't mentioned their kids to one another, which Silas suspected was on purpose, that they had been planning this for a long time now....

STORY FIVE: Victoria & Travis

ENTITLED: The Broken One 

COUPLE LABEL: The Popular & The Outcast

SETTING: Everyday Life

CRACKSHIP: Dylan O'Brien & Megan Fox

|| [ Victoria & Travis come from two opposite worlds; Victoria is from a world of popularity, success, beauty, and Travis is armed with wit, insecurities, lack of being noticed along with the army of Outcasts at school. But Travis was a late comer, a new recruit to the school when he transferred. He then met Victoria, to him, nothing but a cheating, lying, little snotty princess who gets what she wants. But along the way, he had learned not to judge people until you really tried to get to know someone. People had told him stories on why Victoria had acted the way she did, stories that she had lost the love of her life, right in front of her, that it took her years to recover, and now she isn't that sweet, caring girl she was before. Victoria thought... she knew, that no one could ever take the place of Conner, until Travis... ] ||

Travis Samuel Welsh || Seventeen || Werewolf || Played By ;; Me

Travis is your typical outcast. Nerdy, self-conscious, insecure, the whole works, but he's comfortable with who he is, he just isn't comfortable with moving around so much. His mother travels 24/7, and gets amazing opportunities, so once she's offered one she likes, she packs up everything and takes Travis along the road, and when there's an even better job offering, she takes it, and take the one after it. He's happy for her, but he's a very outgoing kid, he makes tons of friends, only to leave them. It's like his life is a time loop, and he hates it, just like he hates Forks. Everyone is judgmental, and uptight, and too snobby, and it sickens him. One of those people in particular, is Victoria, and when she tries to flirt with him, he immediately knows what she's all about, and isn't interested in her what so ever... until he hears her story.

Victoria Penelope Morrison || Seventeen || Werewolf || Played By ;; TAKEN [ Peter Pan ]

Victoria Morrison. Everyone knows her around Forks. How could they not? Victoria was one of the kindest people a person could ever encounter. Everyone knew she was madly in love with Conner Ferris, a boy who use to attend her school, they loved each other very much, and then came the accident that changed Victoria's life. Conner, though he was a sweet kid, was involved in things that his brother was, and sometimes, kids make mistakes, especially when you're in a dangerous game like that. But his brother messed things up, and both him, and Conner payed the price. They were both assassinated, and unfortunately, Victoria was right there to take witness upon her boyfriend's murder. Ever since she's been a different girl, a girl who acted as if she didn't have a care for the world, or a care about how people used her. She was numb, endangering herself more than anyone could ever know, it was much too late for her, and her doings were done, she just didn't think a guy like Travis, a guy so much better than she was, could change her perspective of life, by inviting her to his.

STORY SIX: Vivian & Dani 

ENTITLED: The Ones That Got Away

COUPLE LABEL: The Sociopath & The Innocent

SETTING: Everyday Life

CRACKSHIP: Holland Roden & Emily Browning

|| [ Vivian & Dani were the best of friends since they were in the 2nd grade. They used to play husband and wife, like any little kid would, Dani would be the husband, and Vivian, the wife. At first, their parents thought nothing of it, except that it was just... sweet, innocent. But things had started to change, both Dani and Vivian had felt like their curiosities were overwhelming them, until one night, the little 8th graders had shared a kiss, a kiss that would change their lives forever. Best friends to the end, they were, vowing to not tell a soul about their relationship, but all things aren't meant to be hidden forever. Their parents, parents who had strict reputations, had found out about them dating one another, and tortured them out of their houses. Now, Vivian and Dani are living on the streets, having nothing left but each other, and their scars from the 'humorous' abuse of their own flesh, blood, and kin. ] ||

Vivian Melissa Baxton || Eighteen || Half-Vampire || Played By ;; TAKEN [ ♫ LizzyBear. ♪ ]

Vivian knew from the first time they played house that Dani was not just a friend. She didn't want to tell anyone, she didn't want to be called weird, she knew how her parents felt about gays. That first kiss, she knew she was in love and when their parents fount out she took the worst beatings, she would do anything for Dani. On the streets she tries to take care of Dani. Vivian is hard, rude, and ruthless but towards Dani she's sweet, kind, and full of love. Vivian used to be full of life, the person everyone wanted to be around but her family made her hard, they made her the person she needed to be to live on the streets.

Dani Elizabeth Hewer || Eighteen || Half-Vampire || Played By ;; TAKEN [ With You x ]

Dani was born in Miami, Florida but for personal reasons they had to move. Dani joined a Nursery and met Vivian for the first time. They played together and became best friends. When they reached the 8th grade, Dani started having feelings for Vivian, feelings she didn't want to feel. The feelings she felt were glowing her from inside and she felt amazing. She just wanted to be with her. When her mother found out she was disgusted at her daughter and threw her out.


ENTITLED:  Hate At First Sight

COUPLE LABEL: Opposites Attracting

SETTING: Everyday Life

CRACKSHIP: Andrew Garfield & Jennifer Lawrence

|| [ Cori & Max, are two different people, from the very same field. They go to school together, ride the same bus, work together at the same restaurant, and yet the hate each other, well, for the most part. Max, thinks, actually knows that he is in love with Cori, but Cori finds him a complete annoyance in her life, an annoyance that needs to a kick in the ass. Cori has no clue about Max's feelings about her, but Cori sometimes feels some sort of connection between them, something she can't deny half of the time. But Cori knows Max is that British, charming flare of a 'flirtatious' guy, and she's not interested in being one of his little toys, accept Max, doesn't want her like that at all. Cori is funny, fun, ALIVE, something that he hasn't seen in a girl in decades, so what now? What does Max do? Keep it all inside, or just spit it all out? ]

Cori Willa Collins || One Hundred-Twenty [Nineteen] || Vampire || Played By ;; TAKEN [ Summer Love ]

Cori grew up in the same town as her rival and enemy Max, for her it's like being in prison as he is every where she looks, school, work, on the way home. She knows his charming ways and that he is a big flirt and a player in her eyes and she is scared of falling for him, because she knows she will end up getting hurt like some many of the other girls, he had his eyes on before her. But deep down, she senses an odd connection between them two, she knows she cannot hide from it, because sooner or later, that connection will take control of her human emotions and she will fall for Max. Despite the consequences of her actions. But she still can't help but be cautious when it comes to him and what she feels around him.

Max Anthony Hopkins || Two Hundred-Fifty-Seven [Nineteen ] || Vampire || Played By ;; TAKEN [ With You x ]

He was bought up in the same town as Cori. He has been hated by her since they met and Max has tried to act like a smart ass around her. Teasing her every second he can. But one day he saw something inside her which warmed his heart. He couldn't resist and immediately fell for her. He doesn't know why he did but he just fell for her. His love for her is one sided but is determined to make Cori fall for him.

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Vivian nodded, " Alright." She said, she pulled them into the nearest hotel, she checked it out and it was decent. She payed for a room. It was on the third floor and it had an inside pool. She grinned. They were lucky for getting a nice place at that cost.
Vivian smiled at Dani, " would you like to go swimming?" She asked, opening the door to their room.

|| J A N E ||

Jane woke up to the sound of a loud buzzard. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes, yawning. It felt like she had fell asleep an hour ago. The door opened and the bright light shined in her eyes, blinding her temporarily. "Come on! Up!" The guard said. Jane crawled over to the door and stood up, waiting for the guard to take her wherever he was going to take her.


Calvin heard the guards bang on the door. Time to wake up, he threw his legs over the side of his bed. He rubbed his eyes, sighing. He stepped out and reached out his hand for his medicine. He took it without water, because he was so used to it. He glanced around, and then look at the big door. Ah, Jane.

|| J A N E || 

Jane was shoved down the hall in cuffs, still, the guards were precautious. She didn't look up as he noticed people stare at her, and they became a little rowdy as she walked by them. Stumbling over her two left feet, she finally looked up to see Calvin, his black eyes on hers. She smiled at him, happy to see him, ecstatic even. But she didn't even have time to say hi before the guards pushed her forward again.

|| T R A V I S ||

Travis watched as he had grabbed the attention of every single person in the room, including the teacher. Travis pursed his lips in as he exchanged looks with people in the room, handing the teacher his schedule. "Okay. Well, everyone, it looks like we have a new student! Travis Welsh, he came all the way here from California!" Travis smirked half-heartedly and waved at everyone. "Hi.." He mumbled. "Well, it's nice to meet you Travis! You may take a seat next to Miss Morrison." Travis nodded, taking his seat.

Vivian nodded. "Okay, Alright." She said, and went and changed into her swimsuit.



Calvin smiled. He knew that she'd be back in thirty minutes. She had to shower, and then go talk to the therapist, who didn't really care about them, she just wanted her paycheck, so it wouldn't take long.

Vivian walked out, it was an old purple bathing suit , but it still fit. That was all that mattered.

|| J A N E ||

Jane was pushed into a very happy, colorful room, and was instructed to sit down. Confused, she had, and a women came through the door suddenly. She wore an early 90's hair doo, her lips a bright orange, a beige suit jacket and pencil skirt, and a pair of thick glasses behind a pair of abnormally bright blue eyes. Jane watched as she took a seat in front of her behind her desk, the only thing that separated them. Jane swallowed, knowing that the women must have been a shrink.

|| T R A V I S ||

Travis set his books on his desk and looked up to see a very attractive girl... talking to him, of all the other good looking guys in the room. Travis smiled friendly, maybe a little too friendly, and nodded at her, waving her fingers at her. "Uh... hi." 


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