The Twilight Saga

At one time Seth Clearwater and his imprint Arianna Knight's relationship did exist until they broke it off due to something stupid. Three months later, Arianna has 'supposely' moved on and with another guy named Nathan Safrit. In all reality, she still loves Seth and wishes they were still together. She likes Nathan and is happy with him, but he could never be Seth. Follow the drama filled life of Arianna Knight.


Main Characters

Arianna Marie Knight

Sixteen / Seth's imprint, but dating Nathan / Human (Of Quilete Decent) / ChelseaDanay(:

As the imprint of Seth Clearwater, she is friends with all of the pack. She doesn't know much about wolves, vampires, and such, only that they exist. Arianna is madly in love with Seth, but stays away from him due to thinking that he doesn't love her anymore. She is a nice person and loves making friends. She is generous and loves kids, which is why Nathan and Seth fell for her.




Seth Jeremiah Clearwater

Seventeen / Imprinted on Arianna / Wolf / wolf girl

Seth is in love with Arianna and tends to phase everytime he sees her with Nathan. He is a sweet guy when not angry and fun-loving. Some would say he was a younger version of Jacob. He loves cliff diving and other fun activies.


Nathan Aaron Safrit

Eighteen / Dating Arianna / Human (Of Quilete Decent) / Open.

He met Arianna and instantly fell for her. He treats her like a queen and he's the nicest guy you'll meet. Nathan knows Arianna is still in love with Seth deep down, but he likes to believe she's with him for a reason. He genuinely likes Seth as a friend, but their relationship is strained due to him dating Arianna, which is Seth's imprint. He knows nothing about wolves for now.



Full Name (First, Middle, Last)

Age / Relationship Status / Species / Played By

Bio (Try to include your role in the story and/or your relationship with the main characters)



1) You can play as one or two characters, but don't make a couple of your characters. :)

2) Gifs is preferred, but you can have non-gifs.

3) Be nice to other players. It's not that hard!

4) Two lines or more on the replies.

5) Please fill in the position of Nathan and Seth please. And if you want, please play as the other members of the pack like Jacob, Paul, Sam, ect. Thanks. :)

6) Have fun! :)

Other Characters


(Empty for now)


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i guess i will join

Thanks :)

so what character can i play or bring in

Seth please
We have to fill up the main characters before making original characters.

And you got Seth, wolfgirl. All that's left is Nathan.

i guess i have Nathan

Okay, thanks. Now you can make your own character.

ok thats good


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