The Twilight Saga

When a group of friends were younger, they stumbled upon a witch who gifted them each with special abilities but they wouldn't find out what their abilities were until they reached the age of 16. Now that they are all older and the youngest is turning 16, an evil demon is trying to kidnap them each, one by one, to absorb their powers to become extremely powerful, because together, the friends have more power than anything. How will they escape the demon from kidnapping each other?

Rules ~

Please be a boy and a girl(two characters per person)

Don't make things all about your character(s)

Don't be your own couple

No text talk

No anime pictures

Create drama


Side note: The friends don't know about the demon who is after them until he kidnaps the first person. I have the characters already made but if you want to change something with the character you would like just let me know. And also, give me a picture for your character. You can change their name if you want as well or their abilities if another character doesn't already have it or personality or anything just let me know, I won't mind changing the character to your liking. This will take place in the summer so no school is in session.

Liliana ~ Liliana is a smart and nerdy kind of girl. She is 17 years old. Her ability is to shapeshift into animals and communicate with animals. She likes Kurt and her best friend is Alexis.

P/B ~ Ethelinda (Eth)

Kurt ~ Kurt is very responsible, smart, and reliable. He is 18 years old and the oldest. His ability is that he can create force-fields and teleport anywhere. His sister is Braelyn. He is also the leader of the group. He likes Liliana and his best friend is Jack.

P/B ~ Braelyn Rose(Me)

Jack ~ Jack is very charming and a gentleman. He is 17. His ability is voice echoing, meaning he can project his voice into a place without being there and voice manipulation, meaning he can copy another's voice and telekinesis. He likes Braelyn and his best friend is Kurt.

P/B ~ Ethelinda (Eth)

Braelyn ~ Braelyn is the youngest of the group, she turned 16 last and is now discovering her powers which are empathy and premonitions. She is very sweet and caring and a little shy. Her brother is Kurt and she likes Jack but she is wooed by Xavier and is the first to be kidnapped. Her best friends are Trent and Hunter.

P/B ~ Braelyn Rose(Me)

Trent ~ Trent is the second youngest, so he's 16. He is very funny. His ability is telepathy and temporary mind control. If he tries controlling someone's mind for more than 5 minutes, he gets a terrible headache. His best friends are Hunter and Braelyn, his sister is Isabelle, and he likes Camryn.

P/B ~ Rose Carter

Camryn ~ Camryn is 17 and she is very outgoing, bubbly, and always happy. She is the most caring person anyone will ever meet. She can control the weather. She isn't into relationships that much but she secretly likes Trent.

P/B ~ Koko

Alexis ~ Alexis is kind of the second in charge because she is second oldest, so she's 18. She takes control whenever Kurt isn't there or when they have to split into groups, she becomes leader of her group. Her best friend is Liliana. Alexis's ability is to control the elements. She likes Hunter.

P/B ~ Rose Carter

Hunter ~ Hunter is a quiet guy. He's more of a follower. He's 17. He's a great fighter and has quick reflexes. He has super strength and speed. He likes Braelyn but won't ever show because he knows she likes Jack. His best friends are Trent and Braelyn.

P/B ~ Koko

Xavier ~ Xavier is a demon and is after the group of friends. He poses as a new kid in town and pretends to befriend them all. He can project one's fears and amplify one's fear(s). He also has powers that all demons have such as teleportaion and invisibility and he's a very skilled fighter.

P/B ~ Braelyn Rose(Me)

Elsie ~ Elsie is the witch that gave the group of friends their powers. At first she thought it would a good idea to do so, but now she sadly regrets it. She wanted to use the group for herself, to test out to see if these powers would morally corrupt them or not. If they did not, she planned on spreading these gifts around, thus eliminating the traditional human being and bringing on a new life force and its own epoch on earth. After observing their progress and viewing their results before they had happened, Elsie is fearful of their future. She believes that the power may consume them and is disappointed in herself for foolishly doing this. Which is why she has ended up working with Xaiver, allowing him to hunt these teenagers down and draining them dry of their power. Although she does not condone his growing strength nor trusts him all that much, she knows that if he does step out of line with her, she can dismiss him or at least protect herself from him. She is more cynical towards the world she lives in. She feels as if humans in general are not appreciative to the world they live in. She does not hate them, but she is disappointed in their ignorance, hence why she granted the group of teens their powers so they could be used to better the earth. Elsie is also very flirtatious and seductive, using her charm to give her the upper hand against men in general. She has great veneration of nature and worships the spirits, making her pagan in her practices.

P/B ~ ѕυяνιναℓ σf тнє ωσяѕт✝

Roman ~ Roman is a part of the group of teenagers granted powers from the witch Elsie. He's more laid back and despite being one of the elders of the group, doesn't drive himself crazy with the responsibility of decision making or leading the group. He lets Kurt & Alexis take over and decide for the group, even if he doesn't agree with their decisions. Roman could be considered a sadist, since he uses his powers for his own, more twisted pleasure. He enjoys the destruction he could cause but does not wish to harm the innocent. He only takes joy in harming others who are cruel. In short, he doesn't like taking 'innocent blood. Roman likes to view himself as a protector of the innocent. He enjoys harming and humiliating others that he deems 'unworthy' of their lives or its privileges. Other than that, he has a deep sense of love and care for the ones that earn it from him or anyone he grows attached to. He views the younger members of the group as people that he needs to look after, but not lead like how Kurt & Alexis do so. Roman is also very charismatic and clever, able to weasel himself out of almost any situation by knowing exactly what to say. His intelligence makes him seem aloof and gives a more uncomfortable vibe to others.

P/B ~ ѕυяνιναℓ σf тнє ωσяѕт✝

Avila ~ Avila is 18 and her powers are postcognition (opposite of precognition), psychometry ("reading" info about something by touching it), and influencing memories (seeing them, changing them, creating them, etc.) She sees the group while they're at dinner with Xavier and recognizes him. He had tried to take her powers on her sixteenth birthday, but she got away because he didn't tie her down well enough. Because none of her powers are all that offensive, she's spent the last two years learning how to fight and trying to avoid Xavier. She follows the group when Xavier is no longer with them to warn them about him (Or, if a fight breaks out, she helps). She doesn't trust easily after Xavier, because he tried to flirt his way past her guard just like he did with Braelyn--only, with her, he succeeded, but she always speaks her mind and doesn't let anyone push her around. Once she's comfortable around someone, she opens up a little and shows her true fun-loving, outgoing nature.

P/B ~ Eth

Miranda ~ Miranda is 17 and her powers are healing and invisibilty. She also highly skilled in alchemy. She is always taking care of anyone who is hurt or sick. If someone is wounded too badly for her to heal, then she tends to their wounds with her alchemy skill. She's a very happy person but takes it seriously when it comes to helping someone. She's very loving and is very "motherly". 

P/B ~ Braelyn Rose(me)

I will be accepting characters you make.

Name ~

Age ~

Power(s) ~

How they fit into the story ~

P/B ~

Looks ~

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Kurt caught up with Jack and Hunter. "Jack, get her home. Hunter and I will distract them. Camryn will find a way to help her," 

Whimpering a bit, Oscar scrambled up to join the other two downstairs, allying himself next to Elsie, sounding as if he was moaning in pain. With one of the teens still pressed into the wall, she looked down at her familiar, feeling his pain and grew more enraged, his hold on his even stronger.

She gasped out in shock, feeling someone pull her back but focused her eyes on him, desperately trying to keep her hold on the teen slammed into the wall. Getting set off again, Oscar ignored his own pain and flung himself at the attacker of his comrade's legs, biting into one and fiercely pulling at it so he fell onto his bottom.

Kurt knew they couldn't fight them all off. "We're getting out of here." He grabbed Hunter and Avila and then managed to get Lily too and teleported back home. "Cam, work your alchemy magic." He told her. Camryn had made it warm outside so plants could be gathered. She went out and gathered what she needed and started tending to everyones wounds. "They'll heal quickly, I promise." Kurt had some bad scratches but let Camryn help everyone else first. 

Skidding back and digging his claws into the flooring, Oscar howled out before encircling himself to try and regain his strength before attacking again. Now free from his grasp, Elsie turned to face Hunter, colliding her knee into his pelvis with one swift blow. Using that to stun him, she shoved him into the wall, pinning him there.

"You're too late, it's already been done." She hissed against his cheek. "Protecting a lost cause." She shook her head, 'tsking' to herself. Taking him by the collar, she looked around for Xavier.

"We have another one, Xavier. Come lend me a hand."


Watching the group come back, he was relieved they had Braelyn back. Thank God, he was really starting to get worried. But.... the group looked horrible.

"Whoa... What happened to you guys?" He asked as he sat up a bit, recovering from the wounds from before. He was still bitter about before but what was going on now mattered so much more.

Xavier followed her. "I don't feel anymore powerful! I don't think the potion worked, Elsie,"


"She had a team of... things. Evil things. They attacked us." Kurt explained. Camryn had helped everyone and then turned to Braelyn. "I don't know how to help her." She said, trying a few different things. 

Kurt looked at Lily, "I definitely brought him with me!" Camryn sighed, "Braelyn's breathing is very short." She said, softly. Kurt started panicking, and he never panics. "We have to go get Hunter."

"It's because I didn't give you the remainder of the potion yet." Elsie snapped, rubbing her temple in aggravation before setting down Hunter. Going through her antidotes and potions, she took out a jar of a disgusting, thick, green gunk and sat down next to Hunter, taking his leg. Rolling up his pants, she winced at how bad the wound was and smeared the substance over it.

"I'm sorry for my dog." Elsie apologized, coating his leg with the substance. "This is Louisiana mud, you put some of this on anything and you're good to go." Coating his wound with it, she put the jar down and sighed a bit. "But I still have to do the same thing I did to Braelyn to you now. I don't have the choice."

Turning to Xavier, she nodded for upstairs. "Take him upstairs so I can do the same. Then you can take both potions instead of just the one. And make sure his leg's okay too." Going upstairs with the jar of mud and the potion for Hunter, she went to go tend to Oscar's wounds.


Roman was actually kind of glad he didn't come. Gargoyles weren't his forte. His pain inducement wouldn't hurt them, since they weren't alive. He'd just have to try and smash them, except the metal ones. Then he was absolutely screwed.

"Hunter isn't with you guys?" He asked, looking around frantically. "He's back there with them?" He groaned, cupping his head in his hands. 

Kurt nodded and did what Lily said. He teleported right in front of Elsie and stuck his tongue out at her, grabbed Hunter, and teleported back. "I win," He said smiling. Camryn was trying to help Braelyn, but she wasn't waking up. "C'mon, wake up."

Looking at Hunter, Elsie pursed her lips in. "When your friends come get you, they won't have to worry about healing you. They're already panicking over you and the others that were injured." As she walked up the steps, she shook her head.

"Don't question the good things that come to you either. Just learn to appreciate them."


"Are you crazy? Go back!? They're gonna take another one of you and we're going to lose even more of us! We can't go back right now, it's too suspected." Roman sighed, shaking his head. He didn't want to say this but.... he had to. Part of him knew it was right.

"We should wait until tomorrow to try and go for him again."

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