The Twilight Saga

Ever since Edward left Bella like he, and the Cullens never exist Bella went into a zombie state never to recover till that fateful day in October. When she is in the Cafeteria eating at the Cullen's former seat she saw 4 girls coming up to her asking if they could sit with her. She let them, and they introduce themselves to Bella. A few nights later Bella notice the 4 girls going into the woods that Bella secretly follow them that she realize there witches. When the 4 girls see Bella they were glad she came, and explain to Bella that like them Bella is also a witch, and explains there ancestors history along with there enemies the vampires. Bella then officially became the newest member of the coven that soon change her personality as well. What makes things worse Victoria has return seeking revenge for James' death on Bella. Well Bella finish her witchcraft with her new friends or die from Victoria's grasp?

Witches in the Twilight Universe.


There beautiful

Cannot age unless they choose to give up there witchcraft, and live the rest of there life as a human.

Could chant spells with spell books disguise as talismans.

Could transform into other humans or animals.

Create cloaking invisible barriers in a circle.



Boy and Girl is optional

Long or short detailed sentences from 3 to 6.

Follow TTS rules

Enjoy the rp.

The Nocturnal Coven (witches)



Age: (real/psychical)


Talisman/spellbook: (pic or description)

Pet and name: (witches have cats, and either crows or ravens)




Appearance: (If you want a celebrity girl pic for your witch let me know, and i'll get one for you.)

Name: Claire Deliana

Age: 16/59

Rank: Second in Command


As a talisman

 As a spellbook

 Pet and Name: Stella a Black Cat

Backstory: Claire was born in 1947 of Salem Massachusetts. Her ancestors live in Salem for years with a treaty between her ancestors, and the residents. She moved to Forks Washington with 3 members of the Nocturnal Coven as second in command were they meet the newest member Bella Swan.

Other: Loves to write, and draw, and casting spells with her members.

P/B: Roman Cullen





Rank: 4th in command

Talisman/spellbook: I can get it later im on my tablet  

Pet and name: Lizzy (Cat)

Backstory:She was born in the 1900s and Was always made fun of .She new she was diffrent from all the people around her.Her parents died on her 12 birthday and she discoverd that she was a witch when she found her family tree and started looking things up about her history and stuff.

Other: She is sweet and loves to mess around with people.

P/B:♥Elena and Ness Swaylen


Name:Chloe Matthews


Rank: third in command



Pet and name:cat her name is snowy

Backstory:Chloe was always the 'It Girl'That was until she started getting these strange things started happening around her.Windows mysteriously broke.The class hamster burst into confetti when she touched it.Since then she became an outcast and had to move to Forks,at age 13,where her dad was killed in a car crash the day after her mom told her she was a witch

Other:she's sweet,kind,cute and funny.She helps her friends when their in need and uses her powers for good only.

P/B:Aria Mongomery{Chloe}


name:Catalaya Smythe


 rank:official leader of the nocturnal clan




backstory:WAS born in 1920s.parents are dead .practiced witchcraft on the village people and was burned to first chloe didnt know she was a witch unlil she was 13 years old wen she got a mysterious note explaining the wierdness happening around her.and that she was inline for first command.she is kind of out of control until se meets another witch name chloe who she learns closer to her than both girls realize.

p/b :natyna


Name: Isabella "Bella" Sawn

Age: (17/17)




Pet and name: (Raven named Ember)

Backstory: She had to watch over her scatter brained mother and grew up at a young age her mom remarried so she went to live with her father and in the town of Forks, Washington she met a boy a Vampire boy and fell madly in love only to have him say he never really loved her and Him and his family left her.

Other: She loves to read and extreme sports



Other characters



Vampire,Human, or Werewolves:






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Elena just sat there lisoning to what they were talking about and smiled that they were being good.

"So what animal do you like Bella?" Claire asked Bella.

Bella put her hair behind her ears and said "well it may sound weird but I think Ravens are beautiful birds so mysterious she said they are my favorite animal" she said "what about you guys do you guys have any pets Iev never had any pets"

"I have a black cat name Stella." Claire said to Bella.

"Oh my middle name is Raven."I said."I have a white kitty.Her name is snowy."I say showing her a picture in my wallet.

Bella looked at her "she's so cute" she said as she looked at the picture "so my guess is you guys like cats" she said with a genuine smile. 

"Personaly,I love all animals.Except rats,Yuck.Hate those."

"Yep. Should we skip the rest of the day, and head to the woods or wait till after school?" Claire asked

Bella shrugged she didn't really care either way she hasn't minded school anymore since the Cullen's had left.

"Whats wrong Bella?" I asked her.

"I say we head to the woods.You in bells.It's really cool out there."

Bella smiled "sure an I know its cool out there" she said that was where she first found out Edward was a vampire well told out loud anyway she looked to Claire "nothing is wrong Claire I'm fine" she said.


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