The Twilight Saga

Yen Sid: "A long time ago on a day unlike any other day I created a realm for the beloved characters that is protected by the crystal of light. One day a great darkness almost consume the entire Disney realm along with the crystal of the light until a special light known as the Disney Light banished the great darkness into the dark realm hidden from the Disney realm. Years went by since that day but that was only the beginning. As I check on the work of my current apprentices I sense that the dark realm might open once more by a group of villains known as the Dark Disney to release the Great Darkness. My former apprentice Mickey went to search for a way to stop the villains but never return. Already I sense the Disney light has been reborn in one of my apprentices. Lets hope that light will save the Disney realm once again."



Boy and girl is optional but suggested.

Some Disney characters have to be animated, while others that are animated like the Disney princesses for example could use pics of cosplayers or workers at the Disney parks.

Long or short sentences.

The Disney Realm is based off Disneyland.

Have fun

Original characters









Disney Characters







Accepted ocs


Name: Annlia

Age: 16

Role: One of Yen Sid's apprentices.

Backstory: A mysterious girl born with magical powers that was abandoned as a baby by her mother. At the age of ten Yen Sid chose her as his apprentice that she accepted being transported to Yen Sid's tower. She has been having mysterious dreams of a light that is confusing her.

Extra: She loves to read, and draw, and sing.

P/B: Roman Cullen



Name: Tayla

Age: 17

Role: A guardian of the Disney Realm

Backstory: A sweet but strange young girl raised by her parents until she was nine when they passed away since then she has been helping yen sid with the Disney light by guarding it with her control over the elements.

Extra: She sings dances and reads

P/B:Tayla preston


Accepted Disney characters



Debut:Beauty and the Beast

P/B: Tayla Preston

Extra: She loves reading and is considered quite strange


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Tayla laughed "sorry I tend to show up alot" she smiled slightly walking forward "between apprentices I tend to help out with that work though I am mainly a guardian" walks over to look at the map of the realm "everything seems to be in order"


Belle hummed softly as she read her book

(If you wanna see what the map looks like let me know since its based off Disneyland.)

"So you know Master Yen Sid?" Annlise asked seeing the map of the realm.


Tayla nodded laughing "I have some strange abilities that helps him guard the realm that and he gives me a home after my parents died"


(I gotta go will be back later hopefully)

"I'm so sorry. I never met my family before." Annlise said to Tayla.

Tayla smiled kindly "its fine most likely better this way it was just after they passed my powers came in better to lose them than to be disowned for being a freak"

"True" Annlise said. "Well better get more water for master Yen Sid's cauldron." Annlise said

Tayla followed smiling sweetly "need a hand"

"Are you sure? I don't want you to get in trouble by master Yen Sid." Annlise said

Tayla smiled kindly "I wont get in trouble I tend to help out when needed"


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