The Twilight Saga

Hoping to have a fresh start, five sisters move to LaPush and get imprinted on by the wolves. But these sisters have a secret, each of them controls one of the five elements and together are more powerful then any other species.

The Anderson Sisters:

Piper Anderson
Twenty One
Piper is the oldest sister. She has taken on the mother role and is very protective of her sisters. She is always looking out for them and giving them advice. She doesn't like using her powers unless it is necessary. She gets imprinted on by Embry.
Jasper's Girl
Blaise Anderson
Blaise is the second oldest and Brenna's twin. Just like her element, she is very hot-tempered and hard-headed. She is always getting into some type of trouble and loves to party. She loves using her powers whenever she can, even if it hurts someone, and gets imprinted on by Paul.
Thea Anderson
Thea is the younger twin and the complete opposite of Blaise. She is very calm and laid back, scared of using her power unless she is sure it won't hurt anybody. She gets imprinted on by Jacob.
Cassandra "Cassie" Anderson
Cassie is the youngest of the four sisters. She is very down to earth and a total bookworm. She is usually drawing or reading and loves using her powers. She gets imprinted on by Seth.
Miss Sixx

The Pack:
Embry Call - WhitniLovesYou
Paul Lahote - Jasper's Girl
Jacob Black - Miss Sixx
Seth Clearwater - Ducky


Boy And Girl
Be Nice (No Bullying)
Don't Do Anything To Get This Deleted
No More OCs!

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That would be great...

Piper looked around the house searching for her sister to find them in the living room "hey girls" she said as she passed them and onto the couch next to the twins "what's everyone's plans for today" she asked as she looked around at their new home.


Paul ran to the meeting spot in wolf form.

Cassie stared out the window of their new home, it was much nicer then she thought it would have been. She looked up smiling at her oldest sister as she picked up her sketch book and pencil case as she pointed out to the beach. "I'm heading out to draw some."

Jacob gave a small wolfy grin as he walked up to where the meeting was. No saying anything as he waited for the others to show up.

Paul thought to Jake (how are you pup) he asked him in wolf form your thoughts were no longer secretive.


Piper watched as her youngest and most creative sister walked out the door "be careful" she instinctively shouted after Cassie.

Oh gosh i'm sorry! I didn't realize this was starting! I'll reply in a sec

Blaise walked into the living room from the kitchen with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. "Hey" She said to Piper with a mouth full of peanut butter. Blaise caught the disapproving look of Piper. "Whaa!?" She asked as she took another bite.

Seth was running full speed towards the meeting spot, thinking he was late. He saw Paul and couldn't stop in time. He slammed into the side of Paul, sending them both flying. I'm sorry Paul! Seth whimpered a little

Paul growled slightly trying to keep his temper in check he normally was the most temperamental of the pack its alright Seth he thought aggressively in his thoughts.


Piper shook her head "that's not sanitary Blaise and don't speak with your mouth full please" she said turning into the mom role she was the oldest of her sister but she smiled "so what does your day entail sister of mine" Piper asked her sister.

Blaise rolled her eyes and shrugged "I dunno. Probably walking around town causing chaos" She winked jokingly and walked back into the kitchen so she didn't have to deal with her sister. She was so controlling.

Seth sat down and looked at Paul hoping he hadn't made him too mad. Seth was really good at making Paul mad! He looked at Jake

Paul sat down and stayed as far away from the youngest as possible he didn't want to hurt him because he couldn't control his temper the kid just had a way about him that made Paul want to rip his hair out sometimes.


Piper sighed it was hard with her most troublesome most trouble causing sister "why don't we go to the beach" she asked her sister they were opposites but they did have some similarities.  

Blaise poked her head out from the kitchen door and grinned "oooh you know me well!" She paused "We should have a bonfire" She grinned evily then ducked back into the kitchen to grab something else to eat.

Seth couldn't help but flash a wolfy smirk at Paul. He couldn't help himself. When Paul shot him a look Seth looked away

Paul glared at the kid watch yourself kid he warned him he layed down on his paws and looked around the forest.


Piper smiled "fine but only the bon fire wood" she said as she slipped on her favorite pair of sneakers as she went to the door.

Blaise grinned and slipped on her sparkly flip flops. She ran out the door and jumped into her own car. "I'll meet ya there" She wanted to do some exploring herself before going

Seth sighed and laid down on the forest floor. He laid down on his side. Something was making him feel tired


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