The Twilight Saga

Hoping to have a fresh start, five sisters move to LaPush and get imprinted on by the wolves. But these sisters have a secret, each of them controls one of the five elements and together are more powerful then any other species.

The Anderson Sisters:

Piper Anderson
Twenty One
Piper is the oldest sister. She has taken on the mother role and is very protective of her sisters. She is always looking out for them and giving them advice. She doesn't like using her powers unless it is necessary. She gets imprinted on by Embry.
Jasper's Girl
Blaise Anderson
Blaise is the second oldest and Brenna's twin. Just like her element, she is very hot-tempered and hard-headed. She is always getting into some type of trouble and loves to party. She loves using her powers whenever she can, even if it hurts someone, and gets imprinted on by Paul.
Thea Anderson
Thea is the younger twin and the complete opposite of Blaise. She is very calm and laid back, scared of using her power unless she is sure it won't hurt anybody. She gets imprinted on by Jacob.
Cassandra "Cassie" Anderson
Cassie is the youngest of the four sisters. She is very down to earth and a total bookworm. She is usually drawing or reading and loves using her powers. She gets imprinted on by Seth.
Miss Sixx

The Pack:
Embry Call - WhitniLovesYou
Paul Lahote - Jasper's Girl
Jacob Black - Miss Sixx
Seth Clearwater - Ducky


Boy And Girl
Be Nice (No Bullying)
Don't Do Anything To Get This Deleted
No More OCs!

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Piper laughed as she ran out the door and headed to the beach maybe she would meet some one there that wasn't one of her sisters remembering Cassie wanting to come to the beach.


Paul looked bored and stood up on his paws restless he wanted to run and get the heck out of here hey kid holler for me whenever we start the meeting would ya he said as he took of running in wolf form.

Seth just nodded and laid there. He fell asleep in a small sunbeam

Blaise drove down to the board walk and decided to walk down the beach. Maybe she'd find something fun like someone's bonfire. But all she found at the end of the beach was a forest. She continued walking through it, liking the sounds of the woods

Paul was just running without thinking until he was near the edge of the woods and skated to a stop like Seth had only he hadn't slammed into anyone but he did she a blond girl she was actually kinda cute from what he could see in the foliage.

Blaise stopped mid step. She heard something move in the woods. She slowly scanned the area until he eyes. Wolf eyes. She froze. Oh god. First day here and she was going to get mauled by a wolf. She took a slow breath and started to back away, praying that it didn't follow her

Paul froze whenever she looked at him he didn't mean to get caught he ran in the opposite direction and ran over Seth and flipped over Seth what are you doing lying around he barked at the younger wolf not really meaning to snap at him but he was frustrated with himself.

Seth lept a few feet in the air and spun around the face Paul with a confused look on his face. Don't get mad at me, he thought, I was just lying there! Seth yawned. He was exhausted. He looked at Paul sleepily. What were you doing? He tilted his head to the side

Blaise turned and ran out of the woods. She walked back to her car and drive to wear piper told her to meet her. She parked her car and sat there. How strange that the wolf didn't attack. Maybe she had scared it away

Piper saw Blaise pull up "uhh hey" she hollered to her as she sat in her car concern started to boil inside of her. 


Paul glared at Seth why are you so tired he asked more out of wonder than conviction.

(Sorry, my laptop died and I forgot my charger cord at my house)

Cassie smiled as she finished her sketch walking back to the house, her mind on the watercolors she had sitting in her new room. She spotted two of her sisters and walked over wondering what was happening.

Jacob ran through the forest after the meeting unsure of what was happening with the other wolves. He came up next to Paul and Seth wondering what was going on with them.

Blaise looked at her sisters. "I was walking through the woods. And I saw a wolf" she took a deep breath. "I made eye contact with it. It's eyes looked HUMAN" she stared at the steering wheel of her car. She probably sounded insane

Seth looke at Paul then jake. He shrugged. "I have no idea why..." Maybe it was just being a young wolf

Cassie stared at her sister in shock, just what was her sister saying this wolf was. She laid her hand on Blaise's shoulder trying to give her some comfort. "It'll be okay."

Jacob gave Seth a wolfy grin trying to make him feel better.

Seth just shook his head and laid down again in the sun. He looked at Jake So...why'd you call us here?"  He asked, confused. They never had meetings unless it was something important.

Blaise shook her head "No you all think i'm insane!" She jumped out of the car and walked onto the beach. She took a deep breath "But it's not going to happen again." She turned to her sisters "So why not just relax?"

Piper sighed "Blaise neither one of us called you insane" she said "and you could have I mean we don't know nothing about the wildlife here the human eyes part through me off for a bit but still" she said then turned to Cassie "so how'd you enjoy yourself kid" she asked Cassie.


Paul just stayed silent and waited for Jake to get on with whatever he wanted so he could leave he kept the girl off his mind.


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