The Twilight Saga

Hoping to have a fresh start, five sisters move to LaPush and get imprinted on by the wolves. But these sisters have a secret, each of them controls one of the five elements and together are more powerful then any other species.

The Anderson Sisters:

Piper Anderson
Twenty One
Piper is the oldest sister. She has taken on the mother role and is very protective of her sisters. She is always looking out for them and giving them advice. She doesn't like using her powers unless it is necessary. She gets imprinted on by Embry.
Jasper's Girl
Blaise Anderson
Blaise is the second oldest and Brenna's twin. Just like her element, she is very hot-tempered and hard-headed. She is always getting into some type of trouble and loves to party. She loves using her powers whenever she can, even if it hurts someone, and gets imprinted on by Paul.
Thea Anderson
Thea is the younger twin and the complete opposite of Blaise. She is very calm and laid back, scared of using her power unless she is sure it won't hurt anybody. She gets imprinted on by Jacob.
Cassandra "Cassie" Anderson
Cassie is the youngest of the four sisters. She is very down to earth and a total bookworm. She is usually drawing or reading and loves using her powers. She gets imprinted on by Seth.
Miss Sixx

The Pack:
Embry Call - WhitniLovesYou
Paul Lahote - Jasper's Girl
Jacob Black - Miss Sixx
Seth Clearwater - Ducky


Boy And Girl
Be Nice (No Bullying)
Don't Do Anything To Get This Deleted
No More OCs!

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Seth yawned, more bored than tired now. He looked around, wondering if he could sneak away and go find something to do. He looked at Paul. Paul could go either way. He could be completely ok with it or completely against it.

Blaise just shook her head "ok ok then lets just leave it" she looked at her sister. We're just here to have fun right? I don't want to waste this beautiful day fighting with you guys" she said smiling

Paul looked around bored then looked with a slightly not evil but evilsh look he then pounced on the younger wolf bored of waiting and could tell the younger wolf was bored too so a little rough housing couldn't hurt no one then stopped want to ditch to the beach he asked the young pup.


Piper smiled as she put her arms around her sisters "on ward to the beach" she said with a laugh as she headed to the beach with Cassie and Blaise. 


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