The Twilight Saga

6 Elements:

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Electricity, Spirit

6 best friends are elementals, each controlling one of the elements. They move to La Push and of course they stir up some trouble with the boys. They are the generation after the La Push wolves we all know and love. So of course the guys imprint on the girls and the guys dont know about their powers and what not. Will the girls ever tell them?


Boy and Girl

Don't be your own couple

Dont make your character perfect

Drama in character but not out of it

2 lined replies please

16-19 is the age range

Girls are the elementals and guys are the wolves



Name II Age II Played By II Species II Element (for the girls) II Crush II Face Claim II Other



Naiya Johnson II Seventeen II Perry II Elemental II Water (this includes ice) II TBA II Shailene Woodley II She loves to surf and do gymnastics

Naiya means water nymph in Greek so its not a surprise that Naiya loves the water. Naiya grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine. She lived with her mom. She has always loved to surf and has always loved the water. When she was 13 she developed the ability to bend the water. Naiya is very outgoing and bubbly. She is very smart but has a scatter brain. She has a big temper

Aurora Pierce II Seventeen II Sammi II Elemental II Earth II TBA II Blake Lively II She loves to surf and do other sports

Aurora lived with parents who were very open to elementals. As a child she loved being outside and planting flowers and trees with her mother. With her parents she always was outside and having fun and when she was with her friends they were always outside playing tag and such. At the age of 12 she found herself being able to grow plants and such. Her parents were very proud of her. She is loving, smart and sweet, but she can be very bossy, but on the inside she just is protective.

Jamie Brooks II Seventeen II Ellie II Elemental II Fire II Aiden II Crystal Reed II Other

At the age of 13, she got the ability to bend fire and make fireballs on will. Her overall personality is she is the most stubborn person you will ever meet, she is very reliable, caring, outgoing, protective of her friends. She loves computer hacking on her free time. She also enjoys volleyball, gymnastics and lacrosse.

Bree Darken II 17 II Sofia Netteton II Elemental II Electricity II Mason II Alice Englert II Other

Bree is possibly the hardest person to impress. She can be very moody and doesn't really like to be around people. There are only a few people that have gotten close to her but because of her "gift" they have a habit of getting hurt so she tries to push everyone away.

Lucy Raines II 17 II Warrior II ElementalII Air II TBA II Taylor Swift II She is southern

Lucy is that tiny country bumpkin that is full of life, she grew up in a small in town in Alabama. She is very loud some times and very hyper all the time, she loves to ride horses and is never afraid of a little dirt. She realized she was able to bend air when she was about 12, and she has loved that part about her ever since. When your around and you dont hear talking, she is most likely some where with her nose in a book.


Mason Lahote II Eighteen II Perry II Wolfie II None II TBA II Zac Efron II Other

Mason is Paul's eldest son. He has lived in La Push his entire life and he wouldnt mind getting out when he is older. He has some qualities that Paul has like a very big temper. Mason is very arrogant and cocky but fun to be around. He is a ladies man and a charmer. This is all just a wall that he puts up because he was hurt before and he doesnt want to be hurt again. If he lets you in then you will find that he is actually kind, sweet and loving. 

Aiden Cameron II Eightenn II Sammi II Wolf II N/A II TBA II Sean O'Donnell II He plays football

Aiden is Jared's oldest son and is much like him. He is a sweetie and loves to have fun. Growing up in La Push he wants to get out and see the world, like Jared he loves candy and having fun. He loves seeing butterflies as well, and chases them. He is the jokester in the pack and will do anything to make everyone happy. Overall though he is charming and romantic and will be your best friend.

Blake Cameron II Eighteen II Ellie II Werewolf II Non Applicalbe II Crush II Dylan O'Brien II Other

 Overall personality, he  is stubborn, funny, a  happy go lucky guy, computer savvy, and can be very protective at times. He enjoys computer hacking on his free time. Up until recently baseball was  a big part of his life. Due to an injury, he wasn't able to play ever again. He is the son of Jared Cameron

Brandon Wright II 18 II Sofia Nettleton II Wolf II N/A II TBA II Michael Trevino II Other

Brandon is the class clown and the joker. He loves to make a joke out of anything. He is kind hearted and outgoing. He loves to be around people and run free as a wolf.

Ryan Matthews II 18II Warrior II Wolf II II TBA II Louis Tomlinson II he is a jokester

Ryan is one of the wild ones from the pack, he takes nothing to serious and he loves to pull pranks, he is always cracking a joke every chance he gets and is just plan out goofy. He loves life and loves the fact that he is a wolf

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Danielle woke up in the brand new house that they moved into the day before. She literally rolled out of the bed, falling onto the floor and taking the covers with her. She chuckled before she untangled herself from the blankets' grasp. She walked into the bathroom and put in her contacts before washing her face. Then she walked back into her room and into her closet to pick out what to wear. She finally grabbed an outfit and began to get dressed. Then she walked back into the bathroom to do her hair and make up. She braided her hair and put on makeup before walking downstairs to grab some breakfast and wait for the other girls.

Mason was already awake and finishing his patrol shift in the woods. He looked at the sun starting to rise and he knew it was his cue to head home. He ran the entire way to get there faster then he shifted back into his human form and put on a pair of his shorts before heading into his house. He wasn't super tired because he had slept the afternoon away before his midnight shift. He walked back into his bathroom and got into the shower. Once he was done he walked into his room and grabbed a pair of jeans and a black, tight, v-neck shirt. He didn't like being covered up but he had to be to go to school. He threw on his shoes and walked back into the kitchen to get a banana for breakfast and then he headed off to school.

Aurora groaned waking up, and looked around still groggy. Then she remembered that they were in a new house. Rolling out of bed she groaned and started shuffling towards the bathroom, taking a quick shower she got out and then brushed her teeth. Walking into her room she walked into her closet and looked for clothes to wear. She smirked and grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top that said 'Today's Outfit,' smiling she sat down in front of her vanity and started to comb her hair and then started to put on her light makeup. Leaving her hair down and letting it air dry she grabbed her bag and started walking downstairs and saw Danielle. "Hey Dani what's up?" She asked and went to go look for breakfst.

Aiden was awake by the time his alarm rang. He had a afternoon shift the day before so once he got home he just fell asleep. Getting ready he walked into his bathroom and brushed his teeth and fixed his hair. Slipping on a pair of jeans and a black polo shirt. Rolling his eyes he thought in his head how he would much rather just be his furry part right now. Walking downstairs he grabbed an apple, or five and slipped his shoes on grabbing his backpack and headed to school yawning.

Bree sat on the bench in the kitchen eating some cereal out of a bowl. She looked up when Danielle walked in. She nodded at her then looked back down at her cereal and continued eating. Once she was finished she jumped off the bench washed her bowl in the sink and sat it upside down inside the sink. She walked upstairs and into her bedroom to start getting ready for the day.

Brandon woke when the sun come streaming in through his window. He sat up and stretched. He looked at the time and jumped up. He had 10 minutes to be out the house and in the woods for morning border patrol. He sighed and placed his shorts on and ran out the door. As soon as he was in the woods he phased into the grey wolf that he was and took off running.


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