The Twilight Saga

The Forgotten School of Magic and Supernatural --FSS-- 

This school is for Humans and the Supernatural, There is drama, love, betrayal, and anything else u find in a regular school except no student it NORMAL. but when there is some new students that never show there powers and seem normal and the kids start to wonder, who are these "Normal" people, and why are they coming to our school but little do they know that they do have powers. Some kids start to try and get them to show there power and some would do whatever it takes even if it means breaking a heart or hurting a friend.


dont ditch!!!!!

if ur leaving please info us.


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Name- Carmilla Amber Shay Wilkerson


Species- Vampire/demin-God





Bio- Carmilla and her twin brother was put in FSS even since they where little and her and brothers parents died when they was real young and her older brother has raise her even since they where little. She is a very sweet girl and she has been through a lot which makes her scared of guys since her brother is the only one she has been close to she is scared. When these new kids come she don't think it weird as her brother does, she accaully becomes Bes tfriends with one and that puts her at risk when they want to know there powers.

Extra- She can sing and dance, and play the gutair


Name- Azuledon Embry Jake Wilkerson




Powers- Healer, elements



Bio- He and his sister are real close. He raised his sister since both there parents died, and he would kill over his twin, When these new kids come and his sister friends one and starts to fall for one he takes action knowing the risk his sister was in he was willing to find out just to keep his sister safe. Till he begins to fall for one himself. 

Extra-Plays drums, gutair and keyboard, very protective.

Name: Tessa Mcclaullen

Age: 17

Species: Mermaid

Crush: Azuledon

Powers: Telekinesis/ Elements of fire

Grade/Teacher: 12th

Good/Evil- Good

Bio- Tessa is the flirty type and always manages to be the manipulative one. When someone is sad, she always manages to make them laugh. She's super social, but not an open person. She never knows what to do in a difficult situation. She likes guys to make the first move.|| Tessa has heard there's always something better around the corner. She hasn't found that corner yet.

Name: Carter Mcclaullen

Age: 17

Species: Vampire

Crush: TBA

Powers: Fire Elements

Grade/Teacher: 12th

Good/Evil: Good

Bio: Carter is a shy person and isn't open. He's very overprotective of his sister, since their parents abandoned them in a bad car accident. He had some broken bones. She doesn't remember anything before that day. She had to basically wipe her entire life clean and start over. He's sarcastic and would die for Tessa. After all, he's all she's got left.


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thank u we will start soon

Carmilla got up and looked at her roommate and smiled and got a shower and done her hair, make up, and got dressed for her day to start then went and walked out looking at her room mate and smiled "how do u look?" she smiled 

Azuledon smiled and wondered how his sister was doing and got a shower and got ready for school, he was getting a new roommate soon and he hoped this one would be better than the last one

Can I join?

tessa and yes u can join always accepting

Carmilla smiled and ran her hands through it"no i love it!." she smiled and put on some music and began dancing around the room she was so happy.

Azuledon looked at the new roommate as he walked in but he didnt speak to him he walked out of the bathroom and loooked at his phone texted tessa"morning girls"

Carmilla smiled and danced around looked at her"who texted you?" she asked with a smiled alreadying knowing who it was

Azuledon smiled and chuckled and texted back "did u sleep well beauitful?" 

Carmilla smiled and loooked at her giggled she knew that she had a huge crush on her brother but she thought it was the cutiest thing, but she didnt know if her brother knew yet.

Azuledon smiled and chuckled she was a very sweet girl and texted back"awe that ant good ill try and make a complaint later lol"

Carmilla laughed and went on dancing around

Azuledon smiled and texted back"i know but ur a sweet girl and deserves a good night sleep"

Carmilla smiled at her friend and pulled her up it was time to start there day and she giggled"lets go get some breakfast"

Azuledon smiled and looked at his roommate"i am headed to the lunchroom, would u like to follow?" he asked nicly

Azuledon smiled and walked with his new roommate"Sooooo what are u? if u dont mind me asking and what are ur powers?" he smiled and walked to the lunchroom

Carmilla smiled and walked into the lunchroom draging tessa along they both smiling and they get breakfast and got a sit

Azuledon"cool me and my sister Carmilla controle Elements. i am Azuledon by the way" they walked into the lunch room

Carmilla smiled seeing her brother


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