The Twilight Saga

Kayla is the one who has the pearl which holds the power of fulfilling three wishes ....... the werewolves , vampires, angels and witches want that . they now will work together to find it .

note- a boy and a girl 

character will fall in love with each other don't make a vampire fall in love with a vampire only (different species pls)

2 vampires 2 werewolves  two witches and 2 angels



|| Name| Played By||Age| Species ||Crush||

ll Bio ll Extra |



|| Eric Styles | Shruti Lautner || 19 || Werewolf ||imprint soon||

ll He likes to play any instrument , he is sweet and funny . he is an alpha but he prefers not be one . he wants that pearl because he wants to have the pearl to save it from hands of other species , he hates Witches .ll sings too |



|| Vanessa Waters | Shruti Lautner || 20 || Vampire ||TBD||

ll She is beautiful , she is a calm girl , and very imaginative too . she has the power of electric shock by her touch but she can control that her main reason of finding that pearl is that she wants to become a human again .ll Writter |


                                                                         Witches (join)




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