The Twilight Saga

Twi-relation: Vampyres

The house of night is a school for the fledgling vampyres

Nxy is our goddess

Classes start at 8 pm and you are not to be late

If you leave campus you are to cover up your mark


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boy and girl

no ditching









Lucy Rose


She has a affinity for water

No roomate yet

She is a third former



Ryan Heart


Has no affinity

Fourth Former

NO roomate

crush TBA

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affinity :) not infinaty lol


Olivia*Liv* Thompson


True Sight is her affinity

Room Mate is TBD

Fourth Former

Crush is TBD

(tablet again -.- Ariana Grande)

Alexander*Alex* Moore


No Affinity

Room Mate is TBD

Fifth Former

Crush is TBD

(Jamie Campbelle Bower)

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Lucy walked down the hall toward her first class,. This was her first day here and she was already freaked out. A kid in the hall didnt make it through the change and it scared her pretty bad. She wrapped her arms around her chest as she walked intot he class room

Ryan sat in a desk in his first class and rested his head on his arm, he much rather be in bed right now. He didnt like having to get up, he would be happy with sleeping till have 3 am.

Liv sat in class, bored. She didn't feel like sitting in class. And worst of all, it was only Monday. The beginning of another long week. She was only a Fourth Former too. Godess, why did they have to learn and go through school to become a vampyre? Why couldn't they just be marked a vampyre? One of Nyx's mysteries. Anyone can learn anytime else, but no, they had school. She was waiting for the professor to come in the class as she yawned, looking around.

Alex was walking to class. He was trying not to be late, though the halls were full, and making his way through them was annoying enough. He was luckey enough to walk in the door of his first hour just as class started. There was no bell, but he always knew when the hours started by the silence filling the hallways. He looked ahead, hoping it would be an interesting lesson.

Lucy looked around at all the other kids. She didnt like being in a room full of them but here she had no chest. She sat down at her desk and folder her arms neatly ontop of each other and looked around. Most of the other students where looking at her.

Ryan looked up at the professior walked in. HE sighed a loud sighed and shook his head. Maybe he could get a nap in, but he doubted it

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Liv looked around the class, not really knowing why. She knew everyone in the room, and she also knew that no one switched any seats. There couldn't be anyone new, since she was a Fourth Former. Mind there was word of a new fledgling in the school, though she had only heard bits of information in the past two hours since she woke up.

She was sitting in her seat as the professor was talking, as the colours of everyone danced around. Her affinity, it was slightly confusing, though she read somewhere that it was a rare affinity, True Sight. There hasn't been record of someone having this affinity in about a hundred years and now there was her, plus word on another fledgling from a different school. So people were taking it as a bug deal. She didn't know why. She sighs and sat there, listenting as the professor spoke.

Alex sat in class, taking down some notes. Yes classes were boring, though he thought that actually writing notes and stuff helped them go by quicker. And because of this he was looked over, as in a normal high school where the smarter kids who pay attention aren't always the cool kids. He sighed, looking up. A year and a half to go, than he should be 'finished' school. He was older though there was still the chance that his body could reject the change, which frightened everyone.

He sighs, as he sat there, still taking notes down. He wasn't to sure what else to do. Sitting, doing nothing wasn't an option, that was another reason he worked so hard for good grades, to please his family, even though they were somewhat ket down by him getting marked almost three years ago. He sighs, looking around. His mind was wondering a lot more than usual today.

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Lucy jumped up when the class soon came to a end. She grabbed her stuff and got out of the clqass room quickly. Once she was out the door she ran into someone and dropped all of her stuff

Ryan got up when the class came to a end Now on to the next one" he thought with a sigh, he shook his head and left the room

Liv got up as first hour soon came to an end, and walked out of the class room, making her way to her second hour class, when she caught a glimos of new colours. Must be the new kid. She made it to her second hour, adn sat at her desk, looking at the front of the class.

Alex was walking to his second class, when just as he was about to walk in, someone bumped into him. He looked at her, noticing the way she held herself. He helped her pick up her books. "Sorry." He says. "First day? I remember mine. Trust me, it will get easier." He says.


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