The Twilight Saga

Being wild is in their blood.

A group of teenage vampire boys stirs up trouble in a small town, only to attract the attention of a few girls who they fall in love with. 


- Guy & Girl.

- Don't make it all about you.

- Don't ignore other characters.

- Stick to the plot. 


The Boys

Miles Holland | Eighteen | Vampire | Freya | Me

Miles is considered the funny guy of the group. He always knows how to make people laugh and put a smile on someones face. 

Liam Griffin | Eighteen | Vampire | Tanner | Roraღ™

Liam is the laid back one of the group. He's the kind of go with the flow type of guy. 

Jesse Jordan | Eighteen | Vampire | Ryane | ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™

Jesse is the athletic one of the group. Not that all the boys aren't athletic, he's just the most athletic. 

Sam Ridley | Seventeen | Vampire | Ren | Jasper's Girl

Even though Sam is one of the youngest, he is one of the biggest partiers out of all the boys.


Andrew Colton | Seventeen | Vampire | Lyla | Perry the Platypus

Andy is the quietest one of the group. He's also the shyest. The only people he isn't shy around are the boys. 

The Girls

Freya Song | Seventeen | Human | Miles | ✂ ᴘєω∂ѕ⋆αℓℓ⋆ᴅαʏ⋆™

Freya is the outgoing one. She's a social butterfly and loves to have fun. 

Tanner Gage | Seventeen | Human | Liam | Me

Tanner is the happiest and kindest of the group. She always sees the good in people. 

Lyla Taylor | Eighteen | Human | Andy | Roraღ™

Lyla is the most stubborn out of the group. Her curiosity always gets the best of her. 

Ren Rydell | Seventeen | Human | Sam | Perry the Platypus

Ren is Ryane's twin sister. She is the brains between the two. 

Ryane Rydell | Seventeen | Human | Jesse | Jasper's Girl

Ryane is Ren's twin sister. She is the brawn between the two. 

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Thank you!

omg I love that movie.

Andrew and ren please?


Can I be Sam and Ryane



Jesse & Freya?

Woo! Thank you to everyone who joined! We can start now.

Yaay! Awesome :D

Miles was helping the boys move things into there new house. They had just moved to this small town that Miles didn't even remember the name of. Every couple of months they'd move someplace new. Bored of the old scenery or just wanting a fresh start. Fresh meat too I guess. The new house was an old Victorian. It fit them. Miles noticed Liam relaxing in a lawn chair and threw a pillow at him. "Stop being lazy and get up and help us. You can relax when we're finishing." Miles said. "You think we should go to school today?" He added with a laugh. 

Tanner awoke to the annoying buzzing of her alarm clock. She hit the snooze button and rolled over. Tanner started at the ceiling for a while before climbing out of bed. Her shower washed away all the worries that the day might bring. Or so she hoped. Tanner did her hair and makeup before putting on an outfit. She headed downstairs, her parents had already gone to work like usual. Tanner grabbed an apple before walking outside to the garage. She noticed a moving truck down the road and wondered who was moving in or out. Tanner then made her way to school. 

Sam carried more boxes into the house "I don't care either way" he said as he set the boxes down and sat on one of them and held his aching head "you know being a vampire doesn't really help with a hangover" he said pointedly "ug" he said as he laid down on the floor his feet dangling on the box "I helped can I go to bed now" he said as he laid an arm on his head and hid his face from the lights.


Ryane arose with excitement as she got out of bed and went to Ren's closed door  and slammed on it with her fist "Rise and Shine twin of mine" she said lamely and loudly "sorry for the lame rhyme" she added as she left the door knowing her sister would wake up she put on a blue top and some blue jeans and a beanie and curled her hair into more tamed curls and was ready to hit the road "COME ON REN" she shouted loudly as she bit into a orange that she had peeled and was eating.


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