The Twilight Saga

Cammy ran away from her home and ended up at La Push beach, with just a bag full of clothes, a pillow and blanket. While Cammy is sleeping on the the beach, Paul (who imprints on her) sees her while hes hanging out with the guys and their imprints. They get concerned and go check on her, thats when Paul imprints on Cammy. Thats were we will go from there. 


Name- Cameron (Cammy) Evans

Age- 16

Role- Main Character. Pauls imprint.

Extra- She loves to write and has a passion for animals.

p/b- ME



I am going to play a werewolf when we figure out who we need. Who ever wants to be Paul, we can start sooner,

Boy and girl







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Scar smiled "well I wish you the best of luck sis" she said hugging her "it would so be cool if we all had kids near the same age they could grow up best friends" she said excitedly as she ran towards some cat toys.


Paul laughed "well bro I'm not sure she's expecting it I think she thought you to were shacked the day you met and oh so bluntly told her you were a wolf I guess to her the imprint it marriage enough "but I wish you luck" he said then turned to Paul "what about you" he asked him. 

Alix*smiles more to myself an anything* " but I'm bored I actually don't feel like shopping for once *smirks softly* I think I might be sick I'm usually the first one to feel like shopping*

Cammy nodded "I know" she smiled "And thanks." she said and followed her "Nylahs a puppy Scar!" she laughed.

Embry laughed and nodded."I have something romantic planned for tonight" he said smiling.

Jared texted her back want me to come get you?

Alix*thinks then replies* "yes I really don't feel like being out today I feel kind of dizzy"

Scar laughed "I know but these are cuter toys I'm assuming Nylah's your baby" she asked her with a smile as she started to wind up the toys "see what inspiration can create" she said as she sent them all loose.


Paul smiled "don't you still got to tell her mom you got her baby pregnant" he said with a laugh "and wow something Romantic lucky girl" he said as he flipped on the Tv for background noise.

Cammy nodded "i'm going to treat her like a baby" she said smiling. then laughed at her "So you set off all the toys" she said walking away slowly.

Embry nodded "Yeah, i have to tell the pack and she gets to tell her mom " he said and looked at him

Jared texted her back stay put, i'll come get you.

Jared raised an eye brow "how did you manage to get her to tell her mom by herself" he asked him as he tilted his head "going to get Alix I presume" he asked as he saw Jared get restless.


Scar laughed "yep" she said as she picked them up and put them back "alright Aunt Scar is going to get her...This!" she said excitedly as she picked up a blue chew bone that said spoiled rotten on it.

Embry looked at him "Because i get to tell the pack" he laughed and looked at Jared.

Jared nodded getting up and going for his car "Alix doesnt feel good"

Cammy laughed "Should i get an outfit for her?"

Scar nodded "totally" she said excitedly "are you almost done" she whined slightly


Paul laughed "are you atleast going with her" he asked "later Jear" he said as he looked to Embry "and cool you two thought of names yet?" he asked absentmindedly as he played with a tennis ball.

Cammy nodded "Yeah, lets go get you some clothes" she said going to the check out and paying.

Embry nodded "Yeah i'm gonna go with her" he said and looked at him. "Yeah,  we talked about names."

Paul smiled "we were talking about waiting until Scar has had hers so we could have one" he said a bit shyly something he normally wasn't.


Scar "yay than I can get out of this fricken dress Embry thinks is cute" she said as she walked next to Cammy "have you guys came up with names" scar asked Cammy.

Embry nodded and looked at him "Good luck, i'm sure it will happen before then" he said laughing "Scar knew for a month before she told me"

Cammy laughed and grabbed Nylahs stuff and walked to the car with Scar. "Why would we do that? I'm not pregnant yet"


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